The meaning of central stability for the co-ordinated movement: The preliminary report

Neurological Disorders

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The meaning of central stability for the co-ordinated movement: The preliminary report

4th International Conference on Central Nervous System Disorders & Therapeutics

November 12-13, 2018 | Edinburgh, Scotland

Anna Olczak

Military Institute of Medicine in Warsaw, Poland
Social Academy of Science in Warsaw, Poland

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Abstract :

Motoral co-ordination is the ability to execute folded movements: exactly, quickly and in changing conditions. Central stability is the notion translated from English (from ang. core stability). This notion in physiotherapy, is related to the neuromuscular control, thanks to which we can administer functional stability in the connection of the lumbar part with the cross-shaped spine the connection with pelvis and lower limbs. The aim of the work is the settlement of dependence between some parameters of the motoral co-ordination and the central stability. Thirty persons were included in the study (the degenerative changes of the spine, the disease of the intervertebral disc, the stroke of the brain), in the chronic period of the disease. Age of studied: 42-78 years old, the women and men, state of the health general good. The patients were subjected in turn to specific procedures which aim was the improvement of central stability : the exercises activate the transverse muscle of the abdomen, controlled drawing in the abdomen, work in the stabilise belt. The patients central stability was estimated during the movement of the trunk in the frontal and sagittal plane and during executed on time the march in the place with high raised but freely legs. Improvement of the central stability caused the improvement of parameters in analyses motor patterns. In the group of persons subjected stabilise exercises and the other form amplification the central stability took place essential improvement in such parameters as speed, the track of the movement in the frontal and sagittal plane and the range of the movement. The better central control influences on the improvement of co-ordination of the movements of the human body.

Biography :

Anna Olczak The doctor n. kf. - The expert of motive rehabilitation - the law executes occupation of the physiotherapist of no. 2139 Doctor, the field of the science: about physical culture in the range of motive rehabilitation, year of conferment 2008 r., the title of the doctor's trial: the Effectiveness of physiotherapy leaning on the elements of Metody McKenzie and PNF in the treatment of the disc disease of the lumbar section of the spine. The profile of the scientific property/professional The Military Medical institute_ Investigative Projects national: 1. No. 45/WIM/2011 the Opinion of the risk of falls at chorych with illnesses urazowo - orthopaedic and neurological. Doctor Ann Olczak, aim as in title, publications, conference reports, the monograph, (Begun - 2011 ended - 2014) 2. No. 46/WIM/2011 the Influence of systemic crymotherapy on with the illnesses of the organ of the movement chorych posturalną stability. the doctor Ann Olczak, aim as in title, publications, conference reports, the monograph, (Begun - 2011, ended- 2014). The professional experience: (beyond the university): -from 1990 to 2006 engaged in The team Care Wholesome in Gostynin- The raven, The department Rehabilitation Illnesses Organ Movement, -from the 01.01.2006 of the year engaged in The clinic Rehabilitation Military Institute of Medical Occupied Positions -from 1996 The deputy Manager Team Rehabilitation about/RSNR -from 1998 to 2006 The manager Team Rehabilitation about/RSNR from 2006 the older assistant in The clinic Rehabilitation WIM Finished courses and trainings: 17.



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