The hidden relation, clues of autism, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder and depression which reveal the effective cause and cure

Neurological Disorders

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The hidden relation, clues of autism, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder and depression which reveal the effective cause and cure

Joint Event on 14th World Summit on Alzheimer’s Disease, Dementia Care Research and Awareness & 6th World Summit on Heart, Stroke and Neurological Disorders

August 31- September 01, 2018 | Boston, USA

Van Duy Dao

Hanoi University of Pharmacy, Vietnam

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They Lack Social Skills, They Cannot Talk: Language is the product of a living environment - as your native language and my native language, we speak it naturally without thinking at all. We are not born with our native language, so I doubt their connection with their living environment and/or the state of mind that they can not/don't want to learn. You can test them with Aesop fables (they do not understand), pretending game - they do not understand, interacting, communicating or persuading. They are in the low level of this. For official test: you can test them with EQ test and Aesop stories, metaphors. All these low -level vital skills make them never feel safe, connection to the environment: it makes them stress. Over time, it makes the downward spiral that make them more and more lack of social skills and suffer more stress.

All In One, One In All: Dear Neurologist, psychiatrist, sociologist, gastroenterologist, urologist, educators, sleep therapists, cardiologist, language therapists, educators, trainers, teachers: there is no separation in the health of heart, stomach, muscle, cognitive thinking, sleeping, hormone system: all are interdependent and under the state of mind. It is the advantages of eastern philosophy and the basis of eastern traditional medicine.

Pareto In Health/Medicine - Remember when working with the mind: Remember when working with the mind: Irrational mind, the giant brain evolved for millions of years, illogical mind and placebo effects, neuro-plasticity, mirror neurons, self-affirmation, self-talk, nocebo effects, T1/2 of all substances, taboos, rituals, religious belief, compound effects, conditioned responses and magical adaptability, illusive mind, self-healing/destroying, irrational thinking, Subliminal message, Marketing of luxury brand and Hysteria: what do we feed the mind of beings every day? and what if all of these lead to negativity or positivity? Maybe Outliers or Failures! 5 mins of rapping can affect whole life, 5 mins of abusing can make victims fear whole life, 1 mins of bombing, earthquake, fear, hysterical stress the killing can affect their whole life. It creates the conditioned of Fight and Flight that they cannot consciously control. They rarely joy It is said by genes. So they accept it as gifts or nobles term, not diseases. Even they take more expensive medication than others. Read their behaviors, read the body language. In stress state, stress chemicals: adrenalin, noradrenalin and cortisol will dominate the body. The effect is listed in any medical book, look closer we can see all these effects are available in kids, to some extents, the effects caused by stress chemicals are the best answer for the autistic rainbow. Sorry, they are not happy with the label gifted redefine of stress. The right definition of stress: human beings have basic human needs described by Abraham Maslow. Anything threatens of satisfying these needs will lead to Fight and Flight responses. If people cannot change the situation, threaten, they will be the victims of stress and stress hormones.

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