The health practices of indigenous peoples learners: Basis for curriculum interventions

Journal of Advanced Practices in Nursing

ISSN: 2573-0347

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The health practices of indigenous peoples learners: Basis for curriculum interventions

49th Annual Nursing Research and Evidence Based Practice Conference

August 20-21, 2018 Tokyo, Japan

Luzviminda G Rivera

Tarlac State University, Philippines

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Abstract :

The study determined the health practices of the Indigenous Peoples (IPs) learners in the Schools Division of Tarlac Province. The study employed mixed method of research, utilizing both descriptive design and qualitative approaches. The respondents of the study were the Grades 4, 5 and 6 IP learners from three indigenous cultural communities such as Ayta Abellen, Ayta Mag-antsi and Ayta Zambal. Questionnaire, interview and observation were used in the data gathering. Focus Group Discussions (FGD) was also conducted to selected participants and immersion was done to have a better understanding, appreciation, exposure and experience of the health and practices of IP learners. The study revealed that the health practices of the indigenous people's learners were very satisfactory in personal hygiene, very adequate in nutrition, occasionally in junk foods consumption and averagely adequate in physical activities, rest and recreation. In addition, the study further revealed that there were beliefs and traditions of the IP learners in health practices particularly in eating, cooking, bathing, treating illnesses and anito or spirit that will cure them for their illness. The study further shows that the IP learners have encountered problems in maintaining their health, thus a proposed consultative meeting and research colloquium will be conducted by the researcher to the nurses and dentist, school heads/OICs, and teachers of the IPED schools to address the said problems. Based on the foregoing findings and conclusions, the researcher recommends the following: The health practices of the indigenous peoples must be improved to fully achieve and maintain their health focusing on the provision of the basic foods and avoidance of junk foods, DepED-Tarlac Province must pave the way for the advancement of the health practices of the IPs learners taking into account the IPs culture, beliefs and traditions and must intensify the implementation of the IPED curriculum that is localized and indigenized based and focused on the health practices and its advancement with respect to the culture and traditions of the IP learners, the adoption and intensification of the implementation of the Project IP in the division which aims to bring closer the education, health and nutrition services to the indigenous peoples.

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