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The attıtudes and belıefs of cardıovascular nurses towards talkıng on sexual problems wıth theır patıents

23rd World Nursing and Healthcare Conference

July 10-12, 2017 Berlin, Germany

Fadime Gok and Fatma Demir Korkmaz

Pamukkale University Faculty of Health Sciences
Ege Universiy Faculty of Nursing, Turkey

Scientific Tracks Abstracts: J Nurs Care

Abstract :

Background: Although sex lives of cardiac patients are affected in various ways and degrees, nurses working with cardiovascular patients refrain from talking with their patients about sexual matters or encounter barriers trying to do so. Aim: The purpose of this descriptive study was to identify the attitudes of cardiovascular nurses towards talking about the sexual problems of their patients, present solution recommendations and identify the attitudes and beliefs towards sexuality. Methods: The sample of the research was constisted of 170 nurses working for the cardiology and cardiac surgery departments of one university hospital, two ministry of health hospitals, and two private hospitals. Data were collected between April and August 2015 through a four-section questionnaire including Sexual Attitude and Beliefs Scale”. The analyses of the data were performed via mean, standard deviation, number, percentage, Kruskal-Wallis, Mann-Whitney-U, Independent Sample T Test and One-Way ANOVA test. Results: Of the nurses 73,5% declared that they did not talk with their patients about sexuality and 35,9% of them stated that they had been educated on the sexuality of cardiovascular patients. The major reason of nurses avoiding discussions about sex with patients was not considering sexuality in patient care (86,4%). Establishing privacy for the patient (91,2%) was the most stated solution by the nurses. The nurses got an average score of 43,73±9,25 (medium level) from the Sexual Attitude and Beliefs Scale. Conclusion: The majority of the nurses declared that they had not received an education on sexual problems and that they could not talk about it.

Biography :

Fadime Gok worked as a clinician and manager nurse for about 15 years. I started my academic studies at Ege University and I have been studying doctoral education at the Ege University since than 2013. Nearly 3 mounth, I am collecting data of doctoral thesis. At the same time, I am working Pamukkale University Faculty of Health Science, Nursing Department (Surgical Diseases of Nursing) as a Lecturer. I have more than ten published papers in different journals.


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