Tarot, a healing tool in modern times

Alternative & Integrative Medicine

ISSN: 2327-5162

Open Access

Tarot, a healing tool in modern times

2nd International Congress on Restorative & Alternative Medicine

November 06-07, 2017 | Vienna, Austria

Shivani Khetan

Zorastrian College, India

Scientific Tracks Abstracts: Altern Integr Med

Abstract :

In my research I found Tarot is a beautiful tool that can be used as a treatment to ease stress, anxiety, depression, etc., and it helps one understand that many sudden or chronic illnesses/pain have no real physical cause. They come from emotional imbalances, caused by our own thoughts and emotions that are rooted in your limiting beliefs and conditionings. Our emotions have a huge impact on our nervous system, either in a positive or negative way depending on the kind of emotions one is feeling. Tarot helps us observe our thoughts, analyze your beliefs and conditionings and inquire into how they all relate to the kind of emotion one is feeling and what impact it does on the health and chakras of the human body and understand a lot about what causes emotional and physical pain. Understand that your body and mind must work together always, because whenever one of them is unbalanced, it unbalances the other in bad states. Tarot is a tool to listen carefully and provide supportive feedback with its counseling exercises. Working with tarot on my clients I have witnessed watching symptoms vanish. This is commonplace with headaches, nausea and phantom pains, but during our systemic solutions, some physical symptoms have also faded in slow-time. Diet, family support and lifestyle changes are an essential part of treatment. Finding the right treatment begins with the proper identification of the root cause of the ailment. This is how Tarot comes in picture which identifies what the root cause of the problem is behind such behavior or the patient.

Biography :

Shivani Khetan has completed her PhD from Open International University for Complementary Medicines. She is an Artist/Energy Intuitive Healer, Founder/Author @BeingHumane376, a group for everyday guidance on Twitter. She has been in the practice of Tarot/Energy Healing for more than 14 years


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