Study on tripods of Ayurveda (life style: diet, sleep, disciplined life): herbs as medicinal and dietary supplement aided with yoga in preventive and restorative health care

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Study on tripods of Ayurveda (life style: diet, sleep, disciplined life): herbs as medicinal & dietary supplement aided with yoga in preventive & restorative health care

2nd International Congress on Restorative & Alternative Medicine

November 06-07, 2017 | Vienna, Austria

Shweta Singh

Medical Office, Allahabad, India

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Abstract :

Statement of the Problem: As an Ayurvedic Physician, I examined around 50 thousand patients from all spheres of society (Urban/Non-Urban, Privileged/Under-privileged) in a span of 14 years and studied the pattern of ailments viz. various factors of lifestyle (i.e. diet, sleep, disciplined life). Parameters like body constitution (kapha, pitta, vata), socio economic status and living environment were also taken into consideration to have a holistic view. In many cases it has been observed that ailments are mainly because of improper lifestyle, imbalanced diet and absence of disciplined life (tripods of Ayurveda) and few of them have previously gone through symptomatic treatment which has often aggravated the problem and even resulted in side effects. Prolonged ailments lead to physical, social and mental illness. Methodology & Theoretical Orientation: Statistics has been maintained to correlate the ailments with the various factors of lifestyle. Corrective course action has been identified and tried for such ailments. Many herbs in various forms, their combinations have been successfully tried to complement the nutritional deficiencies as well meet the medicinal requirement. Study of nutritional & medicinal use of many herbs has been done by group of Ayurvedic physicians. Findings: There is a definite pattern of correlation between ailments and lifestyle/other factors. Identified deviations/ deficiencies can be suitably complemented by herbs (nutritional and medicinal) and Yoga. For example, herbs like Parijat (Nyctanthes arbor-tristis), Moringa Oleifera in various combinations has drastically improved the immunity level. Conclusion & Significance: Study has been undertaken on the basic philosophy of tripods of Ayurveda. Controlled intake & lifestyle (Aahaar & Vihaar) in line with the results of study is big move for preventive & restorative health. Most of the deficiencies/deviations can be met by specific herbs & certain Yoga.

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