Preferred methods of training nurses in Bulgaria

Journal of Advanced Practices in Nursing

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Preferred methods of training nurses in Bulgaria

49th Annual Nursing Research and Evidence Based Practice Conference

August 20-21, 2018 Tokyo, Japan

Silviya Mladenova

Medical University, Bulgaria

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Abstract :

Learning methods are particularly important for the learners to learn quickly and effectively. The choice of the most appropriate method of learning depends on many factors such as the learning objectives, the nature of the curriculum, the learning time and the stage of the training, the didactic environment, the material provision of the learning process, the teacherÔ??s methodical preparation, etc. The selection of the most appropriate training method improves the learning of new information, its interpretation and its memorization. The training of nurses should seek the best balance between the theoretical and the practical learning methods and between the traditional and the innovative teaching methods. The aim of the study is to determine the most preferred and effective methods of training of nurses. A survey was conducted with 92 students, studying in the 3rd year of specialty nursing, trained at the Faculty of Public Health of Medical University in Sofia. The results show that teachers need to combine traditional and interactive learning methods by considering the specific learning content and goals that are desired to be achieved. Nursing students say that solving clinical and case studies based on scientific evidence helps to learn, memorize and increase their cognitive interest. Trainees prefer to include case studies based on scientific evidence because they bring them closer to their future practice and prepare them to look for solutions in complex and unusual situations that are common in the real health practice. Mastering theoretical knowledge and practical skills and competences requires the selection of the most appropriate learning methods depending on the situation.

Biography :

Silviya Mladenova is a Professor at Medical University of Sofia and Specialty in Management of Health Care. Her main areas of scientific interest are theoretical and philosophical statements and concepts of nursing and health care, theoretical rationale and practice-applied models of special nursing care, management and pedagogical problems of health care.



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