Patient satisfaction on nursing care at a Tertiary Care Trauma Centre in north India

Journal of Advanced Practices in Nursing

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Patient satisfaction on nursing care at a Tertiary Care Trauma Centre in north India

46th Global Nursing & Healthcare

October 15-16, 2018 | Las Vegas, USA

Shalini Gupta

King Georges Medical University, India

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Abstract :

Background: Trauma care is an emerging specialized field of nursing in developing countries. The status of nursing care in the context of trauma is somewhat less commonly reported. The present study aims to fill that gap. Purpose: The present study was carried out with an aim to evaluate the status of nursing care at a tertiary trauma center in North India in terms of patient satisfaction. Study Design: A cross-sectional exploratory design. Settings: Trauma Centre, King GeorgeÔ??s Medical University, Lucknow. Sample: A total of 100 consecutive patient /attendants with more than 48-hr stay in a trauma center. Method: Patient demographics and profile were noted. Type of injury and department was also noted. Feedback regarding the quality of nursing care was obtained using a 22-item questionnaire based on a Likert scale. Three dimensions of nursing care were identified as general behavior and attitude, coordination, discharge of duties and compassion. Patient satisfaction was adjudged as excellent, satisfactory, average and poor. Results: On overall assessment 72 patients expressed satisfaction Ô?? a total of 27 adjudged nursing services as excellent while 45 adjudged it as satisfactory. There were 19 patients who adjudged nursing services as average while 9 patients adjudged it severe. Patient with a head injury was most satisfied (32%) followed by those with peripheral injuries (23%) and medical emergencies (17%). Among those adjudging nursing services as average and poor, maximum had maxillofacial injuries (13%). Among different dimensions, maximum weighted average scores were obtained for coordination followed by discharge of duties, compassion and general behavior obtained the least weighted average scores. Conclusion: The findings of the present study indicated that nursing care at a trauma centre, in general, was satisfactory, however, compassion and general behavior modification are suggested to improve the overall patient satisfaction. Comparative studies on the issue are recommended.

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