Patient safety: Improve the incidence of falls in hospitalized patients

Journal of Advanced Practices in Nursing

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Patient safety: Improve the incidence of falls in hospitalized patients

38th Asia-Pacific Nursing and Medicare Summit


Li-Yun Lee, Yi- Kuan Wu, Hsiu-Chien Lin, Yen-Chin Chen, Yin-Hui Chang and Li-Hui Su

China Medical University-Beigang Hospital, China

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Abstract :

Introduction: Patients falling can cause physical harm and increase mortality and medical expenses. Objectives: From January 1 to July 31, 2016, in our quality control monitoring statistics found that there were 35 cases of inhospital falls, with an incidence of 0.08%. Therefore, we formed a team to prevent patientÔ??s falls. The goal was to reduce the occurrence of falls in inpatients and to improve safety and avoid injury in hospitalization. Method: Using retrospective methods, fall prevention cognitive tests and on-site observations to find out the causes of patient falls. In order to improve the occurrence of falls in inpatients, we have formulated strategies for arranging education training courses, revisions of auditing checklists, made a new inpatientsÔ?? manual on prevention of falls, establishment of a reminder system for preventing falls and revision of anti-fall warning cards, organized poster contests and new foreign language version of preventive education books. Result: From December 2016 to May 2017, the number of falls in inpatients decreased from 36 to 18, the incidence rate decreased from 0.08% to 0.04% and the nursing staffÔ??s cognitive scores for prevention of falling prevention also increased from 67.7 to 91.7. Conclusion: It is very important for clinical health providers to avoid falling events during hospitalization. It is an important part of ensuring the safety of patients by implementing regular inspections of the implementation of anti-drop measures and systems and environmental equipment.

Biography :

Li-Yun Lee has completed his PhD from School of National Taipei University of Nursing and Health Science and also completed his Postdoctoral studies. Her research area is adult chronic diseases self-management, head and neck cancer, trismus and quality of life, pulmonary tuberculosis stigma



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