Partnerships that enhance the art and science of nursing

Journal of Advanced Practices in Nursing

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Partnerships that enhance the art and science of nursing

33rd Nursing and Healthcare Congress

October 23-25, 2017 | Toronto, Canada

Vivien Rodgers

Massey University School of Nursing, New Zealand

Keynote: Adv Practice Nurs

Abstract :

Consistent concern in the health literature about health professionalsâ?? attitudes towards older adults raised the question of minimising ageist attitudes of student nurses in aged residential care (gerontology) clinical placements. The concept of ageism refers to processes of stereotying and discrimination based on age. With an increasingly ageing population this is a cause for concern among healthcare professonals and those involved in their education. This presentaton reports an exploratory New Zealand study comparing student nursesâ?? attitudes towards older adults before and after an introductory integrated gerontology theory and clinical practice paper. Theoretical content and clinical experiences in nursing programmes should lead to attitudes that inform the practice of competent and caring practitioners. The Kogan Attitudes Towards Older People Scale was admistered to 156 student nurses at the beginning and end of the first semester of study in a Bachelor of Nurisng programme. The results showed a statistically significant positive shift in studentâ??s self-reported attitudes towards older adults followong the theoretical and clinical experience paper. The findings contribute to international evidence supporting the view that education about ageing and agesim helps shape attitudes when integrated with positive clinical placement oportuintites and positive role-modelling by registered nurses committed to gerontology.

Biography :

Vivien Rodgers is an widely-exprienced Registered Nurse. Initial training in Australia preceded clinical, management, academic and research experiences in surgical, maternity, primary health and gerontology settings, in Australia, Malaysia, Singapore and New Zealand. Her published research includes nurse-education and gerontology topics. Vivien has presented at national and international health conferences, and keynote speaker at national organisation gatherings. Her most recent work involves research support for improving the uptake and quality of palliative care into residential aged care practice in regional New Zealand. Vivien received her PhD from Massey University in 2016.

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