Need of panchkarma in present era

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Need of panchkarma in present era

10th International Conference on Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda & Acupuncture

March 04-05, 2019 | Berlin, Germany

Mridu Sharma

Smt. Urmila Devi Ayurvedic College, India

Keynote: Altern Integr Med

Abstract :

Modern time is the ‘Era of Machines’. Ayurveda is a rich medical science showing its firm existence since 5000 years. There are many scholarly books written by Ayurveda experts like Charak Samhita, Sushrut Samhita and Ashtang Hrudya. All the acharyas have divided Ayurvedic medical science into eight branches namely-Kayachikitsa (Medicine), Shalya (Surgery), Shalakya (Eye and ENT), Bhoot Vidya (Psychology), Balroga (Pediatrics), Agadtantra (Toxicology), Rasayan (Rejuvenation and Geriatrics) and Vajikaran (Aphrodisiacs). Panchkarma is not mentioned as a main branch of Ayurveda instead, it is considered in treatment as Shodhana chikitsa (Detoxification). In all the eight branches panchkarma is highly recommended as a main treatment according to age group, diseases, seasons and type of patients. Shodhan treatment is generally considered as a Panchkarma which contains Vaman (Emesis), Virechan (Purgation), Basti (Medicated Enema), Nasya (Nasal insufflation), Raktamokshan (Bloodletting) is a detoxifying treatment with the aim of expelling the disease causing toxins out of the body through the nearest route. In modern times panchkarma is gaining a lot of popularity as it helps in maintaining disease free healthy state in today's diet and lifestyle. Ayurveda provides holistic treatment for combating physical and mental illness. Moreover, it emphasize on healthy habits like ample amount of sleep, proper detoxification processes, body massage, regular physical exercise, meditation, avoiding stress, anxiety and anger and maintaining healthy social and personal life. The main route cause of every disease in today's modern era is lifestyle and Ayurveda (Panchkarma) helps to improve our lifestyle.

Biography :

Mridu Sharma has completed her Bachelor of Ayurveda Medical Sciences in 2011 and MD in Panchkarma at Maharashtra University of Health Sciences in 2014. She is working as an Assistant Professor at Smt. Urmila Devi Ayurvedic College, Hoshiarpur, Punjab and is practicing at her own Panchkarma and Ayurvedic Clinic in Hoshiarpur. She has published more than 15 research papers in National and International Journals.



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