Life style of diabetics in Karachi

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Life style of diabetics in Karachi

4th Global Acupuncture & Therapists Annual Meeting and International Conference on Holistic Medicine & Holistic Nursing

July 14-16, 2016 Philadelphia, USA

Irfan R

Jinnah Sindh Medical University, Pakistan

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Abstract :

Introduction: Diabetes Mellitus is a clinical syndrome characterized by high level of blood glucose. Prevalence of diabetes is on rise globally. Beside other risk factors for diabetes, life style has key role in increasing trend of diabetes prevalence, associated morbidity and complications. This cross-sectional study was designed to find the life style changes, patient adopted after disclosure of diabetics. Material & Method: This cross sectional study was conducted in six towns, of Karachi. The sampling technique was non probability convenient sampling. All those adults (aged 20-70 years) who had proven diabetic for at-least one year duration were included in the study. Sample size was estimated as 100. For diagnosis of diabetes WHO criteria was used. Result: Males were 60 (60%) and females were 40 (40%). Mean, median and mode were age group 41-50 for both male and female. Regarding monitoring blood glucose, 19% were monitoring it irregularly. Only 21% were doing exercises regularly. 25% were still smoking. 58% had increased weight. 30% did not change their sugar intake habit, while 68% reduced it substantially. 63% reduced fat intake and 45% had hypertension as well. Only 45% were aware of renal, ophthalmic, cardiovascular, gangrene and other complications of diabetes. Conclusion: Low number of diabetics had changed their life style for healthy living and to avoid complication of diabetes because of low percentage of awareness of complications. Proper media campaign to increase awareness about healthy life style may decrease morbidity and mortality among diabetics.

Biography :

Raiyah Irfan is a student of third year, MBBS of Jinnah Sindh Medical University. She has leadership quality and special interest in reseach. Right from childhood, she was involved in social and volunteer work. She is strong believer of holistic concept of health. She is doing research in many aspects of human health. Her current presentation on life style of diabeteics in Karachi refelects her strong concern towards community issues. She is a good sportsman and a memebr of basket ball team. She is excellent in swiming. She is also a member of Faith Society and Research Society at her University.

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