Neurological Disorders

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27th International Conference on Neurology: Neurochemistry, Neuropharmacology and Neurosciences

March 25, 2022 | Webinar

Joey Gaines

United States of America

Keynote: Neurological Disorders

Abstract :

Febrile seizures began the 30 year journey from captivity of seizures to freedom after neurosurgery. Left Anterior Temporal lobectomy/left Hippocampus removal had to be considered for best end results. 80% of patients after surgery were seizure free one year post op and 90 % showed marked improvement. (neuro. mcg.eduepisurg.htm) It was suspected that he had been having petite mal seizues all along. At age 14& 16 years of age , he experienced siezure activity that put him in a coma for 3 days leaving him with some memory loss. By the time Joey was 32 , medication was no longer effective. having approximately 800 seizures a year.It was determined at this time that surgery was his only option if he was to continue to live. Because of the extent of the surgery it was thought it would leave him nonfunctional adult that he would be bound to a wheelchair and unable to care for himself. When Joey opened his eyes after surgery he had no memory; No memory of the abilty to function in everyday living, or who or what people surrounding him in the hospital were. He had no memory of family or friends , that he had children or a wife and had difficulty retaining short term memory without continual repetition. But he learned again how to eat , walk,use the toliet and care for his personal needs. He returned to work drives and lives on his own.The one thing he did retain washis craft as a master welder.

Biography :

Joey Gaines was born a perfectly healthy baby May 15 1967, the last of 4 children. Epilepsy was not listed in the familial health history. At age 2 he became ill running a high fever causing seizures. It was not until puberty that it became clearthat he had been affected by the illness as a toddler. He became afflicted with grand mal and complex partial seizures. After high school he went to work for his uncle and became a skilled craftsman, a 100 % x-ray welder. He retianedhis abilty to weld even after surgery and has been actively working his craft for 36 years.

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