Leadership in nursing education

Journal of Advanced Practices in Nursing

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Leadership in nursing education

17th World Congress on Clinical Nursing & Practice

August 29-30, 2018 | Zurich, Switzerland

Maria Ponto,Julia Gale

Kingston University, England

St. Georges University of London , England

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Abstract :

This presentation will discuss new approaches to healthcare education which are being offered at Kingston University. These new approaches are offered in response to the changing healthcare needs and focus on clinical leadership and apprenticeships. Clinical leadership is considered to be vital for an effective provision of the modern healthcare therefore healthcare professionals should be well prepared for this role. In order to prepare the students for their future roles, the educational leaders must be conversant with the needs of the current healthcare provision. In the last 25 years the UK education of nurses moved from being hospital based to university but now different models of education are being considered such as work based learning (WBL) and apprenticeship. WBL model acknowledges the learning that takes place in the workplace which often centres on projects or personal development plans. The lecturers help students identify the learning outcomes for WBL projects as well as activities needed to achieve the learning outcomes. Such student involvement promotes greater understanding of the learning process and encourages responsibility for own education. The use of the apprenticeship model in healthcare is new and essentially provides opportunities for health care assistants (HCA‚??s) to be released to university for one day a week to learn academic aspects of nursing, whilst working in the healthcare setting. The apprenticeship programme will help HCA‚??s to gain promotion and extend their nursing role. This in turn will help towards the cover of healthcare provision at times of acute nurse shortage in UK.

Biography :

Maria Ponto has many years of nursing experience before going into Education. She is an Associate Professor at the School of Nursing and leads a team of 9 academics. She designed the MSc in Clinical Leadership in 2006 and run this course in Kingston and St. Petersburg, Russia for 3 years and in Kingston until 2017. She is passionate about the future of healthcare education and firmly believes that education must be relevant to practice and that workforce development should be given more prominence. She is currently leading on an evaluation project, examining ways to improve staff retention in London. Julia Gale has strategic responsibility for the leadership and management of a School of Nursing in the UK. She has extensive experience of leading the development and delivery of pre-registration nursing and continuing professional development education, Julia’s role interfaces with the NHS, national professional bodies and the national arena for nursing. Julia’s most recent research has included a Health Education South London funded project as part of Health Education London on Adult Nurse Turnover and Retention: South London, Students' first year of a BSc in Nursing: A Pilot study.

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