Holistic fitness saves human extinction in a transhuman era

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Holistic fitness saves human extinction in a transhuman era

6th International Conference and Expo on Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine

April 18-19, 2018 | Las Vegas, USA

Julie Rammal

Geroge Washington University, USA

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Abstract :

Julie Rammal, Founder of the Holistic Movement, Creator of worldâ??s first holistic fitness dvd, International Speaker, Writer and trainer shares the power of holistic fitness in an era where we are becoming transhuman. Rammal has trained numerous Arab celebrities, Royal family, Vip clients and changed the lives of many who were injured, have stored trauma, pain, or just want to regain balance in their body, mind, soul. The creation of the holistic fitness methodology communicates therapeautically with the body in a language that the body understands. Itâ??s exercises, movement patterns can change oneâ??s mood instantly, remove pain, blockages, connect the body, mind and soul, and physical trains, restores, and cleans out the system. The power of the holistic movement is the future of where medicne connects with exercise to created a: happy, energized, and feeling younger individual. The body is another living organism and it should not be abused, but rather honoured. She states that, â??Your body is an empire, and when you are connected to you, you can achieve miracles. It speaks a language that we are failing to listen to. The author shares her advanced training techniques with the public that has helped numerous people find their life, strength through the holistic approach. She shares the future of movmeent exercises, and the body scan, eye and image projection methodologies of empowering her clients. Through her work, clients have experienced immediate relief from various pains, have healed and experienced a change in their emotional state [email protected]

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