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Evaluation of nurses attitudes and behaviors related to medical errors

32nd Euro Nursing and Medicare Summit

October 26-28, 2017 | Paris, France

Abdurrezzak Gultekin, Aysel Ozdemir and Funda Budak

Inonu University, Turkey
Inonu University, Turkey
Inonu University, Turkey

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Abstract :

Objectives: This research was conducted descriptively to identify nurses attitudes and behaviors related to medical errors. Methods: The research was conducted in a university hospital between March 2017 and May 2017. The universe of the research was created by all the nurses working in a university hospital. All nurses who accepted the research were taken into considertion without going to the selection of the sample. In the collection of the data, a questionnaire containing the descriptive characteristics of the patients, attitudes towards medical malpractices and behavioral scale were used. Results: 64.9% of the nurses participating in the study are between the ages of 18-28, 72.2% are women, 51.7% are single, 88.1% are working for 1-10 years and 66.9% are doing their jobs fondly. In the study, the total score of nurses attitude and behavioral scales in medical malpractice was 198.980±22.73. Research in the medical profession by making mistakes loving attitude and behavior scale compared to the difference found when the total average score is statistically significant (p˃0.05) The attitudes and behaviors of the nurses who have professed their profession were found higher in medical malpractices. There was no statistically significant difference (˃0.05) when comparing the mean score of attitude and behavior scale in gender and medical malpractice in the study. Conclusions: In the research, nurses' attitudes and behavior levels on medical errors were high. It may be advisable to arrange nurses' training to raise awareness about and reduce medical errors.

Biography :

Abdurrezzak Gültekin graduated from Adnan University Nursing Faculty in 2013. He was a Research Assistant in Pamukkale University from 2014 to 2016. He is currently pursuing Master’s degree in Pschiatry Nursing. He is a Research Assistant in Inonu University since 8 months


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