Evaluation of emergency medical services, Chanthaburi Province, Thailand

Journal of Advanced Practices in Nursing

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Evaluation of emergency medical services, Chanthaburi Province, Thailand

25th World Congress on Nursing Care

July 24-26, 2017 Melbourne, Australia

Wicharn Poolnjern, Nisakorn Vibulchai, Thanomsri Anantasri and Maneerat Suksaad

Prapokklao Hospital, Thailand
Sri Maha Sarakham Nursing College, Thailand

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Abstract :

This research was aimed to evaluate the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) in Chanthaburi Province. The 2 target sample consisted of a group of 15 health care providers in the EMS services selected by purposive sampling and a total of 9,817 EMS medical data records. Research instruments included a process checklist, an information record form and questions for a focused group discussion. Data collection was conducted from October 2015 to October 2016. The data was analyzed using frequency, percentage and content analysis. The results revealed that Chanthaburi Province is a tourist destination city and that 56.53% and 43.57% of emergency clients were those who had medical conditions or accidents and injuries, respectively. There were four important factors playing vital roles in input, including strong mutual collaborative teamwork in the various sectors, the continuing training and development program for EMS care providers at all levels in the EMS service, conducting a proactive campaign to promote using the 1669 emergency medical call number for EMS calls and having well-equipped ambulances. Effective EMS care activities were driven by 5 operational strategies. The EMS units provided EMS services 9,266 times to a total of 9,817 clients. On 85% of the 9266 calls the EMS crews were able to follow the EMS protocols correctly. About 54.75% of the total EMS calls were placed via the 1669 emergency medical call number and 72.87% of EMS services were provided by the First Responder (FR) units.

Biography :

Wicharn Poolnjern has completed his Bachelor’s degree of Nursing Science. He is the Sub-Head of Emergency Department Services of Prapokklao Hospital, Chanthaburi Province. He has considerable expertise in EMS.


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