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Effect of training on nurse awareness concerning malpractice cases

23rd World Nursing and Healthcare Conference

July 10-12, 2017 Berlin, Germany

Bengu Cetinkaya, Nevin Kuzu Kurban, Halide Savas

Associate Professor, Department of Pediatric Nursing, Pamukkale University Faculty of Health Sciences, Denizli, Turkey
Professor, Department of Fundamentals of Nursing, Pamukkale University Faculty of Health Sciences, Denizli, Turkey
Lawyer, ─░stanbul Bar Association, ─░stanbul, Turkey

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Abstract :

Abstract: Today, nurses carry out medical interventions for various purposes. Medical interventions do not always result in positive outcomes; patients may be harmed as a consequence of such interventions. Due to this reason, nurses may face cases filed against them. Nurses' awareness on the possible outcomes of the cases filed for the medical malpractices they perform, would make them more cautious during their performances and would enhance their sensibility. The present study aimed to determine nurse awareness of malpractice cases involving nursing care and to evaluate the contribution of training to this level of awareness. In this descriptive survey method study, nurses were given conference-type training about medical malpractice cases in Turkey involving nurses. A questionnaire covering the cases and the consequences medical malpractice was implemented before and after training. The number of correct answers given by the participants regarding malpractice case outcomes increased in a statistically significant way after training (p < 0.001). Increasing nurse awareness about the risks and consequences of medical malpractice may be an important factor in reducing malpractice.

Biography :

Bengu Cetinkaya has completed his PhD from Ege University Institute for Health Sciences, Department of Pediatric Nursing. She is an Associated Professor and teachs at Pamukkale University Faculty of Health Sciences, Department of Pediatric Nursing. She has published more than 10 papers in reputed journals and has been serving as a reviewer for international and national journals.


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