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Diagnostic and prognosic assessment of ProGRP for small cell lung cancer

3rd International Conference on Biomarkers & Clinical Research

July 2-4, 2012 Embassy Suites Las Vegas, USA

Jiexian Jing

Scientific Tracks Abstracts: J Mol Biomark Diagn

Abstract :

The aim of study was to explore the significance of serum ProGRP for diagnosis, monitor of small cell lung cancer (SCLC) and the relationship between ProGRP levels and prognosis of SCLC. Serum concentration of ProGRP in all subjects were detected by ELISA method. SCLC patients showed higher levels of ProGRP than the other types of lung cancer and healthy controls(P=0.000). ROC curve showed AUC value and diagnosic positivity of ProGRP and NSE for SCLC were 0.798, 79.2%; 0.786, 71.9%, repectively. The positivities of ProGRP level of SCLC petients at stage☐/☐, stage ☐, stage ☐ were 60.9%, 77.8%, 100%,respectively(x2 =25.974, P=0.000). Correlations analysis showed significant correlation between serum levels of ProGRP in SCLC patients and TNM classification (r=0.870, P<0.05). ProGRP levels of patients with complete remission(CR) significantly declined after treament; partial remission (PR) slowly decreased; progressive disease(PD) and no remission(NR) presented elevated ProGRP level. Disease-free survival of SCLC patients with CR, PR, PD/NR were 19.5 months, 9.8 months, 2.4months, respectively(x2 =123.5, P=0.000). The overall survival(OS) of patients with ProGRP <1000pg/ml and ProGRP>1000pg/ml were 16.0 and 12.0 months, respectively(x2 =11.04, P=0.001). Serum levels of ProGRP was available for histopathological classification, early diagnosis, curative effect monitoring and prognosic assessment of SCLC patients and is also an independent prognosic factor of SCLC. It�s significant to closely observe ProGRP changes for identifying relapses and recurrence of deseases earlier to guide the clinical therapy.

Biography :

Professor Jiexian Jing is the director of the Etiology and Tumor Markers Laboratory, Shanxi Cancer Hospital. She is member of china anticancer association and Graduate student tutor of shanxi medical university. She has published more than 30 papers in reputed jourals, taking more efforts in studying the utility of tumor marker for early diagnosis, therapy monitoring and prognosis of cancer. One of her research work had been presented as poster in ?21st Asia Pacific Cancer Conference ?, in Malaysia, during November 10 ? 12 ,2011, in the title of ?evaluation the value of uPAR of serum and tissue on patients with cervical cancer?.

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