Cuban-US cross-cultural experience: Nurses' storytelling of its impact

Journal of Advanced Practices in Nursing

ISSN: 2573-0347

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Cuban-US cross-cultural experience: Nurses' storytelling of its impact

34th International Nurse Education & Nurse Specialist Conference

November 08-09, 2017 | New Orleans, USA

Beverly Quaye

California State University, USA

Keynote: Adv Practice Nurs

Abstract :

The purpose of this study was to gather an ethnographic perspective of nurses participating in a cross-cultural experience in Cuba, including site visits and daily professional meetings organized by the Cuban Society of Nursing. Participants wrote stories about their week-long experience and its impact on their roles in nursing leadership and education, particularly on their learned perspectives on cross-cultural differences in public health, tertiary care, palliative care, women's health and skilled nursing, as well as perspectives on a government-funded system of care. The significance of this project was its use of narrative storytelling and analysis, which captures meaning unavailable through other research methods. Storytelling was an effective meythod; additional prompts might have been helpful to gather additional impact of the experience on participants├?┬ó├?┬?├?┬? roles. Narrative analyses was conducted by two nurse faculty trained in qualitative analysis; 4 content themes were identified 1) community-based preventive health care model, 2) RN-MD relationships, 3) collaboration, and 4) nursing education. Most significant comments addressed the value of the RN-MD collaboration, the emphasis on prevention with easy access to neighborhood care, and the value of a seamless nursing education system. Dissemination of this research will enhance the cross-cultural awareness of providers and improve the their capacity in addressing needs of patients from a multitude of global locations and cultures.

Biography :

Beverly Quaye has an EdD in organization change from Pepperdine University, Malibu, CA. She is full-time Faculty and Coordinator for the graduate nursing leadership program at California State University Fullerton. She is Founder/CEO of No One Walks Alone, a healthcare consultancy firm. She is principle investigator of a federal grant for the screening, brief intervention, referral and treatment for individuals with alcohol and/or substance use disorder. She has numerous scholarly activities, including poster/oral presentations, webinars, book chapters, journal articles and holds multiple seats on professional boards. She is the immediate past President of the Association of California Nurse Leaders.

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