Crystal Acupuncturesm and Teragramsm Therapy Introductory class

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Crystal Acupuncturesm and Teragramsm Therapy Introductory class

3rd International Conference on Holistic Medicine and Nursing Practice

July 25-26, 2018 | Vancouver, Canada

Margaret Rogers Van Coops

Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy and Integrated Medicine, USA

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Abstract :

Dr Margaret Rogers Van Coops will explain how essential the Endocrine System is to the survival of an individualâ??s good health, along with an emotional and mental balance throughout life, especially when under stress and duress. An imbalance will create blocks which results in a variety of PTSD illnesses not limited to PD, MS, MD, Cancer, and ALS. Dr Margaret will explain how all Acupuncture Meridians entwine within The Major and Minor Chakras, creating a vital energy source to generate new cellular regrowth of the Physical, Etheric, Spirit, Higher Mind and Soul Bodies that together form the Aura of an individual. Maintaining good secretions throughout the body is dependent upon having a balanced emotional and mental status within an individual. Dr Margaret, as she likes to be called, will explain how these Five Bodies entwine energies to pass through the Major and Minor Chakras of the body, stimulating the Glandular System to form either a powerful or weak Aura, depending on how many blocks are found. The human body constantly generates sound waves throughout its entirety created by mini explosions of energy where bio-chemical compounds interact or react. Dr Margaret will also explain how constant stimulation of The Chakras affects an individualâ??s DNA and RNA creating a multi-dimensional psychological energy source within the brain that is consistently controlled by the Soul Structure Coding hidden within the Spirit Body of an individual prior to incarnation. Crystal Acupuncturesm and Teragramsm Therapy have both been researched for over 50 years in a variety of studies by Dr. Margaret and her qualified students. In every case, there has been an improvement and even many total cures. Patients have become happy, independent and feel free to follow their dreams while discarding old habits, ways, and means of survival. Dr Margaret cured herself of Parkinsonâ??s disease. Workshop: Crystal Acupuncturesm and Teragramsm Therapy Introductory class. Dr Margaret will demonstrate the techniques of applying Crystal Acupuncture sm to the Meridians and to work with Teragram sm Therapy to harmonize the Five Bodies of The Aura, while releasing negativity from PTSDâ??s, illness, mental and emotional diseases and accidents etc. Students will have an opportunity to practice with one another, if there is time. A 4-day workshop will be help in California, Los Angeles August 23-26 to study an introductory course to all six of Dr. Margaretâ??s crystal therapies. For more information, please consult with her at her table.

Biography :

Margaret Rogers Van Coops has received two PhD’s for her studies, work, training/teaching and research into the Paranormal, and Religious Studies both as an Ordained Minister and Missionary, and later receiving her first PhD for her studies in Medical and Clinical Hypnotherapy and Behavioral Sciences. Her second PhD Doctor of Integrated Medicine was given for her own British early studies in nursing, psychology, and psychiatry which led to her own research into her six Crystal Therapies, later to be known as Power Stone Therapy. She accepted her Professorship in Alternative Medicine & Therapies in 2016, having originally refused it in 2004. She has been accredited by The California University for Foreign Students FCE in 2004. Her work with mental and emotional diseases has been profound. General physical ailments/illnesses have had extraordinary positive results, often achieving cures, much greater than ever hoped for. She has been a noted speaker traveling around the world for over 40 years. She has been a pioneer in her field, providing talks/classes/workshops at major expos, conferences and special events in many countries and is a published author of twelve books. She has also appeared on countless radio and TV shows, as well as her own TV shows Psychic Chit Chat, Journey Into The Oneness.


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