Bedrest and activity in the Chinese elderly patients

Journal of Advanced Practices in Nursing

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Bedrest and activity in the Chinese elderly patients

25th World Nursing and Nurse Practitioner Conference

October 22-23, 2018 Osaka, Japan

Wenwen Wu

Sichuan University, China

Scientific Tracks Abstracts: Adv Practice Nurs

Abstract :

Background: As China's population ages, the demand for care for the elderly is gradually increasing. Appropriate activities to maintain the ability of daily life in the elderly is an important measure to reduce the need for care of the elderly. However, some traditional Chinese concepts affect the maintenance of elderly activities and self-care ability. Objectives: The aim of this study were to understand the status of activities and bed rest in elderly patients, and to examine to what extent older Chinese patients views on ‚??the importance of activities", "bedrest". Methods: Survey questionnaire. Convenience sample (N = 993 hospitalized patients) from geriatric wards. Results: There were 41.1% of senile patients doing some exercise before admission, 41.6% of senile patients bed rests all day or most of the time during hospitalization. For the activities and the rest of the bed rest of the view that ‚??the activity is very important to the health‚?Ě, 82.5% answer ‚??yes‚?Ě; ‚??long time bedrest is not good for the body ‚??, 76.2% answer ‚??yes‚?Ě; ‚?ĚIf the body has any uncomfortable, it is best not have activity‚?Ě, 45.7% answer ‚??yes‚?Ě; " Being bedridden taken care by others and not needing to take care of yourself is a lucky affair‚?Ě, 45.8% answer ‚??yes‚?Ě. Conclusion: Older people with chronic diseases before admission to active exercise fewer people, hospitalized elderly patients bed rest more people, some elderly people can‚??t correctly understand the activities and bedrest, related to health Knowledge mission.

Biography :

Wenwen Wu has completed her undergraduate at the age of 21 years from Sichuan University. Now she is a master student of Sichuan University majoring in gerontological nursing. She has published 1 paper in reputed journals.



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