An express in wound care: Individualized photo-guide

Journal of Advanced Practices in Nursing

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An express in wound care: Individualized photo-guide

38th Asia-Pacific Nursing and Medicare Summit


Hui Cheung Paulmond, Liu K W and Li Y N

North District Hospital, Hong Kong

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Abstract :

It is observed that the main reason of prolonged hospitalization more than a month is mainly related to wound management. Duties of wound care are to control and prevent infection, promote healing and prepare viable wound beds for surgical closure. Other than adequate nutritional support, appropriate antibiotics together with patientsā?? collaborations and surgeonsā?? trusts, to speed up wound healing especially in chronic and necrotic wounds, accurate wound assessment, right choice of dressing materials and disinfectants, dressing techniques and right time to carry out dressings are vital. However, variations in advanced wound management because of nursesā?? training background, knowledge and skills might make up an ineffective and inconsistency wound care. Thus, to align communication and ensure the consistency in wound care practices, a color-printed photo guide has been employed starting from 2014 to assist nurses in the steps of changing dressing for those complicated wounds. By using this photo guide, the consistency of wound care and practices in changing of wound dressing were enhanced; new comers welcomed this kind of communication tool in wound care. Both doctors and nurses were impressed with the dramatic wound care outcome such as speedy wound healing, decreased frequency in wound debridement, and optimized wound beds for wound closure. Miscommunication amongst nurses in interpretation of the dressing method was also minimized.

Biography :

Hui Cheung Paulmond has completed his Bachelor of Nursing in Polytechnic University of Hong Kong in 2014.



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