Alternative Medicine and how it changed my life.

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Alternative Medicine and how it changed my life.

Adina Perales-Magallon


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IÔ??m originally from Puerto Rico, and have been residing in Sacramento, Ca for over 30 years. 28 of those years I have been working as an accountant and processor. I have enjoyed my job almost all my life; but because of the high stress and many hours of work it really wasn’t working for me. I needed to work and I did not know any other thing to do, so I continued doing the same line of work. That was until 2009 when my father Marcelino Navedo was diagnosed with cancer for the second time. My father if I remember correctly, never smoked, rarely drank and always stayed active in sports. Since 1976 we have been practicing and later teaching karate classes in Puerto Rico and later in 1991 teaching free Karate Classes in Sacramento, CA. My family has always been active working with the community and keeping ourselves in good health as much as we can, but my father, the matriarch of the family got sick again. We did not know what to do nor where to go! Doctors did not give us any good news or signs of hope. The cancer had spread in a high stage to his liver and this time, the doctors were to late to fight the cancer. The surgery did not work! The doctors opened and closed him and gave us the bad news. My father asked me if I can find anything to help him, because the only thing that worried him and hurt his heart was thinking that he won’t be able to be by my motherÔ??s side anymore and that we needed to prepare her before he left her. As well as putting his business in place before he passed.

In August 2009, I began looking everywhere for what I could find to help my fathers condition and I discovered a new world of possibilities in Alternative Medicine. It was different from the western medicine we were used to, but, if it would allow my father and us to get just a little more time we were willing to try. The doctors had given my father 3 to 6 months of life and did not provide us any other options. But, as I discovered more about natural medicine and a lot of modalities that can help people in many conditions and situation, for the first time in many years I felt I had a purpose and I could see the possibility to find a way to help the man who raised me. Who had never asked for a thank you or complained for all the things he did for my mother, my brothers, and me. After the surgery, my father was quiet, I told him, “Papi just have faith IÔ??m going to find a little light of hope or have faith and we can try everything I learn if you want?” He said,“I trust you mija go for it.” At that time my life changed completely in an amazing way.

Alternative Medicine become my goal! I never realized how beautiful and complex our body is and how we can change our lives, our bodies, mind and spirit. I began my journey looking for nutrients to heal my father. Herbs, plants, supplements; anything that could help change his condition and life style and give him a little more time. My father never had a problem eating anything I brought him to taste. He would drink and eat it with no complaints. He was faithful and willing to try anything. Through my journey I have learned many things like Aromatherapy, how to conduct a Foot bath detox and had begun to receive certifications as a Herbalist.

With the little time and knowledge I gained in Natural Medicine I was able to help my father achieve his goal to finish his business in Puerto Rico and Sacramento, check things off his bucket list completely and visit his home island Puerto Rico. Not only once but twice. Doctors could not believe he survived another 3 years and 7 months. The night before he passed, he called me and thanked me for being his daughter and helping him have the best time of his life. I knew he was saying goodbye. I was in Los Angeles, California and wanted to drive out there to him; but, he thanked me and told me that I did my part and now it’s time for him to go and he does not want me to stop what I started. “I want you to continue and fulfill this amazing road that you started, I know I told you, accounting was your career because you were little and loved to work with people and help people. But now, is the time to change. I will be so honored to know my daughter will be a Natural Doctor and will continue what we all love to do, and bless others.”He said to me over the phone. I promised him I will continue. My father passed away March of 2012 and on September 23, 2013 I become a Holistic Health Coach. But I did not stop. In 2016 I earned a State License in Body work as a Masseuse, as well became a Neuromuscular Therapist. I continued with other wonderful modalities as a Reiki Master and Angelic Reiki, Healing Touch, Taping, Red light Therapy, Chinese Medicine, the meridians, Oriculotherapy, acupressure, and many other modalities because they are so wonderful & useful for the body, mind and spirit. I asked the universe to open the door to the path I needed to take. Well, what you ask for is giving the Quantum Universe the ability to show itself upon my door and offer me everything I was looking for. Homeopathy, Naturopathy, and much more. As of today 2019 I have already finish my Bachelors of Holistic Health of Science and have received my licenses with the American Association of Drugless Practitioners as a Holistic Health Practitioner. This opened up the doors for me to start my own practice with more amazing modalities. In all these years I have learned so much. I’m now working on my Masters and I wonÔ??t finish until I get my PHD and after I will continue learning to be able to bless others. I want to help others know that their is another way. That Alternative Medicine is the way to go, to not think Western Medicine is their only option. There are lots of possibilities waiting for you to try and to learn.

I learned that I can find the root of any heath condition or chronic disease. That by using Healing Modalities, Teas, Essential Oils and other natural remedies the person can heal themselves and prevent any bad health condition. I learned that FOOD is the best medicine and you can teach others how to cook and use it in the correct way to heal themselves. I believe you learn something everyday and I am always willing to empty my cup every single day and refill it with the new teachings that come my way. My life changed from the loss of my father, but what I have learned will be with me forever. Thanks everyone for listening to me today and remember, Alternative Medicine is not only Vitamins and Supplement it’s a new world of possibilities that can change your clients life.

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