A comparative study of bolbaddha ras and Boladi choorna in management of Asrigdara

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A comparative study of bolbaddha ras and Boladi choorna in management of Asrigdara

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December 09-11, 2013 Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel, Hyderabad, India

Anita Ray, Priyadarshini Sharma, C. M. Jain, Sushila Sharma, Hetal H. Dave and B. Pushpalatha

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Abstract :

Introduction: Asrigdara is a disease caused by vitiation of all the three Doshas, with a clear predominance of Pitta (as evidenced by Samprapti) and manifesting as excessive amount of blood loss or long duration of blood loss or short inter menstrual period, as well as presence of any two or three as cardinal symptoms of Asrigdara. This can be correlated to meno-metrorrhagia.The study is under taken in following aims & objectives 1. To study Asrigdara, in Ayurvedic perspectives, it?s etiopathogenesis, line of treatment. 2. To compare the effect of Herbominral compound (Bolbaddha Ras) and Herbal compound (Boladi Choorna) in the management of Asrigdara Material and method: Patients were selected from O.P.D./I.P.D.of NIA Hospital, Jaipur, irrespective of caste and religion using randomized single blind method of trial. Inclusion criteria of between 12 to 50 years of life. Patient presenting with complaints of excessive bleeding p/v specifically endometrial bleeding as a cardinal symptom or associated symptom. . Excluded patient suffering from severe anemia (Hb < 6 gm %). Patient having bleeding from polyps, erosions, cancer or big fibroid, after menopause , due to abortion. 30 patient receive the ayurvedic formulation for a period of 2 months. Their assessment was done after every 15 days and the notable changes were duly recorded. Laboratory investigation were carried out before & after treatment to study the effect of drug on objective symtomps . Result: Clinical Study show better results in group A then group B, in correcting the underlying pathology. Conclusion: ?Bolbaddha Ras? (herbomineral compond) has Tridosha Shamak and Deepana- Pachana properties working all together towards normalising the vitiated Doshas and thereby alleviating the cause of Asrigdara.

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