Investigative Journalism In India In The Digital Age: With Special Reference To Web Portals

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Investigative Journalism In India In The Digital Age: With Special Reference To Web Portals

Arvind Kumar*
*Correspondence: Arvind Kumar, Department of Engineering, Delhi Technological University, Delhi, India, Tel: 8423221741, Email:
Department of Engineering, Delhi Technological University, Delhi, India

Received: 20-Jun-2022, Manuscript No. JMCJ-22-67112; Editor assigned: 23-Jun-2022, Pre QC No. JMCJ-22-67112(PQ); Reviewed: 01-Jul-2022, QC No. JMCJ-22-67112; Revised: 22-Aug-2022, Manuscript No. JMCJ-22-67112(R); Published: 30-Aug-2022 , DOI: 10.37421/2165-7912.2022.12.488
Citation: Kumar, Arvind. "Investigative Journalism in India in the Digital Age: With Special Reference to Web Portals." J Mass Communicat Journalism 12 (2022): 488.
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This research paper is about investigative journalism in India in the digital era, with a focus on online portals. It was tough to comprehend since there is a lack of knowledge about how web portals function in a true democracy. create a protective shield they also demonstrated a lot more investigative journalism in her work, which helped to increase the level of investigative journalism in India.

This qualitative research is focused on the depth of underground investigative journalism, and we have transformed it into a nice paper and research paper that focuses on how Indian web portals modify their investigative journalism and give good metals in the online environment.

We may tell how much they face challenges in their job since investigative journalism is really difficult in India; however, when investigations are conducted online, investigative journalism becomes very soft and protected, which is excellent for the journalist.

In India, many non-profit web portals claiming that they are doing investigative journalism but it’s very tough to select for this study so I have chosen using purposive sampling for these online independent web portals because of their work recognized by the various international media houses and the democratic nations are four independent we portals, I have chosen five online portals for this paper: Cobrapost, the wire, caravan magazine, news laundry, these web portals since they are the ones who have preserved it thus far.

As digital technology reshapes the interactions between citizens and the state, demands for accountability have never been greater.

They also demonstrated a lot more investigative journalism in her work, which helped to increase the level of investigative journalism in India. Here's a quick rundown of how India's current trend of investigative journalism has provided some rays of brightness in Indian journalism. This paper is going to analyze some selective work done by these four web portals which are using to hold governments accountable in a new digital era.


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What is investigation journalism? Investigative journalism approach the revealing of subjects which may hide each deliberately using a person is a function of energy, or accidentally, in the back of a chaotic mass of data and situations and the evaluation and publicity of all applicable statistics to most people [1].

Investigative journalism in India in the digital age India is the world’s largest democracy, but as the media has grown, it has also become more susceptible to political and commercial pressures. “journalism is a magic of voice, investigation journalism very difficult if we say, journalist hesitates to show the reality in audiences that can be more uncomfortable because the public doesn’t know what is happening in our society, who will responsible for it?. Journalism is the main reason to bring the truth to the audience but it was not happening properly [2].

Media is the fourth pillar of Indian democracy we must have to protect. If we suddenly go back in past and in 2011-2014 this time was very incredible because this time was a boost of economy and internet etc. When internet in peak all over India and started getting internet [3]. A new model of news started, and basic journalism is moving towards investigative and In this environment, the rise of digital connectivity takes on a whole new meaning. There are currently 684 million unique mobile customers in India, with over 370 million of them having internet connections.

According to the most recent internet trends report, India is the lone star of the worldwide web. India has more internet users than the US Mary Meeker report 2019 India has almost 12 percent of the total global internet user base. Because of that lots of investigations happen sting operation investigative journalism in-depth reports [4]. It felt like someone was coming, it's happened only because the online portal of investigative journalism was started it was very great to say that new investigative journalism brings the truth to the audience because of online web portal, there is no fear of powerful personality this investigative journalism becomes very flexible and powerful. If you have an instigative you have to post and all over the world can read. You don't have to hesitate like government etc.

In this period when online web portals started some online web portals protected investigative journalism and make a good opportunity for others. Some of them are cobrapost, caravan, the wire, the WIRE, and newslaundry, These are some of the finest web portals in online and investigative journalism in India. Make sure nothing happened investigative journalism because India has a long route of history of journalism. Print media is one of the oldest and basic forms of mass communication and includes newspaper magazine printed journals monthlies. And first newspaper in India Hicky's Bengal Gazette 1780 in Calcutta. How old we are in media but we are not protective, we can’t depend on past. Instigative journalism makes redevelopment and reunite. Investigative journalism is a critique of government etc. The government has to critic. If the government no her problem, then they can solve the problem because of critics. Cobrapost and another news portal bring the truth to the audience and the government we have need that kind of reporting. And in this paper, we discuss more depth and knowledgeable investigative journalism in this web portal.

Investigative journalism laws

“Democracy is a government of the people, by the people and for the people, said Abraham Lincoln, The effectiveness of the three pillars, namely the legislature, the executive, and the judiciary, determines the success of a democracy. The media, aptly dubbed the fourth pillar, serves as a watchdog by exposing these three pillars to public examination. It is undeniable that people have benefited as a result of the journalists' bold approach. And that makes a good understanding of democracy. In the universal declaration of human rights. In law

Article 15: The right to form, hold, receive, and communicate one’s own opinions.

Article 16: Access to information is free and equitable both within and outside of state borders.

Article 17: Freedom of speech and expression, as well as equal access to all forms of communication. There is no censorship and no limits on communication (however defamation laws do apply.

Article 18: The obligation to convey news and information in a fair and accurate manner.

Article 19: Everyone has the right to freedom of thought and expression, which includes the freedom to hold beliefs without interference and the freedom to seek, receive, and transmit information and ideas through any medium and across all borders.

These are the tool then investigative journalism makes by law and protect the democracy and the values and being a good impact on the social life and freedom, that makes a good impact on investigative journalism.

Purpose of the study the purpose of this research paper is to explore investigation journalism in India digital age with a special reference web portal.

Significance investigative journalism in web portal using this internet technology become Bolt and democracy become questionable and bad for the social-economic, cultural structure of the nation and confusion with practice of investigation that becomes tougher to investigate.

Literature Review


In this research lots of scenarios of analyses of the web portal. This paper of study about explorative types in the web portal and this paper has the choose varies web portal and media how was it working on it. How to impact society. As vacancy investigation journalism gives valuable tips to learn and others have to learn. The learning use of technology.

Cobrapost, the wire, the print, newslaundry, caravan, are some of the most credible independent portals that are dedicated to investigative journalism in India, and lots of renowned journalists working, are empowering and improving the quality of investigative journalism. this paper going to analyze these independent websites.

Caravan magazine: The caravan is India’s first long narrative journalism magazine it was launched in 2010, it was resurrected as a political and cultural publication dedicated to thorough reporting and the art of narrative. Since then, the caravan has grown to become one of India's most recognized and intellectually flexible publications, setting new standards for Indian journalism.

Caravan, articles are fashioned into dramatic narratives that employ pace, color, character, and literary style, and are based on months of reporting and research. They infuse stories with actual characters, plots, and consequences with the excitement and readability of great fiction.

They work very hard and they work all over the world especially in South Asia they have a reporter in large number to cover the story and investigate, they provide unique news with low support in all over India they have lots of reporters in India to cover the story and in public, in an online portal, they don’t have to fear with powerful personalities post their story and bring in public,

Government impact in 2011-2014 when the online web news portal is started then the government had an impact on their policy. If there is a mistake happening then the government can solve the problem.

If the government knows about what is happening in our area then they can make development or solve the problem, and that is happening because of the online web portal they cover the story and post their story and lots of problems have been solved.

Online web portal investigation journalism: Caravan has done a lot of investigations over the years.

Investigative journalism for her story “Inside Job”, Nilita Vachani where she reported on how the businessman Raj Rajaratnam exploited Manju Das, a domestic worker from West Bengal. Salil Tripathi, a contributing editor of the caravan and they did an investigation in 2014 for his story about the contested history of one of Bangladesh’s worst wartime massacres [5]. Best human rights. In 2014 for her story was about how a world famous cigarette brand got around India’s restrictions on tobacco advertising [6]. Nikita Saxena did an investigation, there has been a lot of instigation and there will be many more.

The print: The print in is news, analytical, opinion, and information venture founded by Shekhar Gupta in August 2017. It focuses on politics and policy, as well as government and governance. Its leadership team includes some of India’s most seasoned and well respected journalists, all of whom have worked for some of the country’s most prestigious news organizations.

The wire: The wire will remain steadfast in its commitment to the public good and democratic values. Apart from offering authoritative analysis and commentary, they hope to establish ourselves as a platform based on good old fashioned reporting on matters of national and worldwide relevance and interest as our resources develop.

Cobrapost: Cobrapost is a highly regarded Indian non-profit news website and television production business noted for investigative journalism. It was started in 2003 by Aniruddha Bahal, the co-founder of Tehelka.

Cobrapost has covered lots of issues like politics to corporate, corruption, social issue, And bank scams and they work in the ground investigation in India and bring the truth for the audience. and Cobrapost also works for news all over India like current headlines news on business, sports, international events, and entertainment, etc. Cobrapost is dedicated to social concerns, brave journalism, and freedom of expression, as well as fostering emerging talent in the business and providing a place for alternative voices to emerge from the glamour of the mainstream media show.

Her work in investigation journalism: Cobrapost, in collaboration with Aaj Tak, undertook Operation Duryodhana in 2005, which revealed eleven members of Parliament (MPs) taking money in exchange for putting forward questions in parliament. These eleven MPs were expelled from parliament as a result of the probe, making it the greatest expulsion of MPs in the country’s history.

The results of the investigation, operation janambhoomi, were published on April 3, 2014, by cobrapost, exposing the plot behind the demolition of the Babri Masjid in December 1992, rewriting the history of contemporary India along sectarian lines. Operation Juliet, our most recent investigation, debunked India’s Love Jihad myth.

Cobrapost discovered that several IT businesses were utilizing phony identities on social media to help politicians boost their popularity as part of operation blue virus.

Operation red spider, launched in March 2013, revealed that certain big Indian banks were engaged in money laundering.

Cobrapost has worked in lots of investigations underground and that’s happened because of the online web portal and investigation. And challenge all problems.



Newslaundry was launched on 6 February 2012, by Abhinandan Sekhri, Madhu Trehan, and Prashant Sareen. Newslaundry is an independent news media firm that is supported by its readers. We strongly believe in the necessity for an independent news model, as well as a free and accountable press, in an industry dominated by corporate and government interests [7].

Newslaundry based on her policy to protect their values and they said about media “We believe news organizations should be accountable, including us. Our stories on the media are driven by that belief.’’ They believe in research in deep ground investigative journalism. That makes new development and it was very important to investigative journalism happen in these days there are lots of web portals who work better than anyone [8].

Her work in investigation journalism

• By Manisha Pande 5 Dec 2014. Where are the women? We examine the country’s most prominent English newspapers for gender representation and the picture isn’t pretty.

• RTI Investigation (part 1): How politicians use PSUs as cash vending machines MPs across parties get PSUs to fund boat races, a magazine called Brahman Manas, and more. By Sandeep Pai 26 Aug 2015.

We will die doing our duty: How ASHAs are battling coronavirus without safety gear or training. These workers are on the frontlines, reporting symptomatic patients, tracking those in quarantine and from abroad, and conducting contact tracing. By Menaka Rao 07 Apr 2020.

• there are lots of investigations happen in newslaundry, the makes protect their values and reveal the truth to the audience and did hard work this time.

• In five off-web portals that's make quite good to hear and write off the paper because, in India, the scope of investigative journalism is not satisfactory but with the advent of the internet and technology, they are getting wings.

• In the time of technology and the digital age, investigative journalism becomes more comfortable for journalism and digital websites.

• The 21st century is the digital era, journalists and citizens have more information and access to the data so they can easily access and reach their readers and audiences in a very short time.

• This digital age brings the opportunities of understanding investigative journalism concerning the internet and technology.

• Using technology and the digital medium make investigative journalism more transformative and accessible in India.

• Investigative journalism is the most effective and authentic branch of journalism. investigative journalism making a genuine impact on the social-cultural, economic, and democratic setup of the country.


Now from the above discussion, we can easily conclude that in the present situation there is a need for investigative journalism for a democratic country like India.

So, it can be concluded that investigative journalism is need for time. But in a competitive media environment. we have discussed lots of scenarios in the web portal how they are working on it in today's world, investigative journalism is critical for democratic countries like India. This instils terror in the minds of corrupt politicians, public facing organizations, and businesses to cause harm to others through their illicit methods of dealing in day to day life. As free speech or expression can only be expected when citizens are informed, the information does not refer just to government plans and policies. We must promote investigative journalism because of it lots of situations become uncontrollable on they can make the profit of head but when the web portal was started then start sting operation and investigative journalism in all over India then lots of have caught the evils and that’s make the true institutionalism we have to protect and provide the good information and depth knowledgeable of investigative journalism and deep rooted history could be changed. Investigative journalism work correctly but in this time, they are working on it and make a good enough to get journalism and provide a profit of the truth of investigative journalism that's the good point of it


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