Asian Entrepreneurship Congress 2020 - Market Analysis

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Market Analysis - (2021) Volume 10, Issue 1

Asian Entrepreneurship Congress 2020 - Market Analysis

Henry Walker Senior Professor*
*Correspondence: Henry Walker, Senior Professor, Business Management, Digital Innovation and Entrepreneurship CASS Business School, UK, Email:
Business Management, Digital Innovation and Entrepreneurship CASS Business School, UK

Asian Entrepreneurship Congress 2020 invites business tycoons, women entrepreneurs, and enthusiastic youth, small-scale industrial people to come and participate in our conference and take back an incredible experience with you. The conference focuses on the theme “Development and Latest Trends of Entrepreneurship”. It provides an excellent and unique opportunity to discuss the latest developments in the field of entrepreneurial education.

Market Analysis

For any Business, the proper plan is much need for taking an idea and making it to the practicable reality. The market analysis of any Business Plan gives you the proof that there is a niche in the market which exploits the present Market World. There are so many components of the market analysis include an industry analysis, a target market analysis and a competitive analysis.

The Market Analysis gives you the clear and vivid view of the business plan that we execute. The basic facts and relevant information is included to perform the Market Analysis to get the outline forms and is organize in an accurate way so that we get to know the highlights to accomplish the targets which we have set. At the same time, we need to have good knowledge to understand the market environment.

Over the years, the entrepreneurship behaviour in Tokyo, Japan has changed significantly. In the year 2019, there are so many start-up companies have come up along with established companies. There are so many factors that Start-up Companies need to follow. The most important part of the organization for any entrepreneur to start a Business is Capital. Also, they have to follow the registration procedures, get them approved with the concerned departments.

Once the approval and all the related permissions are done, any entrepreneur will look for the Infrastructure and Human Resources if required.

In Japan the fundamental law of small and medium scale Enterprises defines SME as any business whose capital does not exceed 50 million yen and does not employ more than three hundred persons.

Japan was second to United States of America and the World’s Largest Economies GDP in $billion. With respect to human capital development the government of Japan has undertaken to develop its citizens who possess global skills and can compete everywhere in the world.

Here are the few statistics which shows various inputs that happens across the globe:

The advantage of being an entrepreneur gives you the freedom unlike compare with other employees. The below graph shows the more number of entrepreneurs are growing who are self-motivated and desire for independence.


The entrepreneurs who are new to the market are Innovative and explore the designated plans with enthusiasm and want to achieve their targets within the stipulated time. There are even more proactive and energetic to implement the tasks to see the results. The below graph explains how innovative are the early entrepreneurs.


While Japan is well known for innovations in electronics, robotics and photonics, and its annual number of patent applications trails only the United States and China, by its own admission, Japanese science and tech has been “limited to our national borders and is thus unable to explore its full potential”.

Government too have come up with innovative ideas and introduced policies designed to help the country to become more international.

Japan’s nearly 800 universities are being urged to take on a more global outlook for their collaborations and to recruit greater numbers of young and foreign academics.

Along with these guidelines, experts say significant changes are required outside the higher education sector if Japan is to succeed in its quest to become an economy driven by research and innovation.

Over the decade, we are seeing lot more is happening on the Internet. In the below given graph, Entrepreneurship across every verticals is increased over the last five years.


Entrepreneurial education played a vital role in the country irrespective of the gender. It is expected to increase more in the year 2020.


The graph shows the clear picture that there is tremendous growth in entrepreneurship behaviour irrespective of gender.

“The tendency 10 years ago was to look down on people with startup businesses,” says Nicholas Benes, head of the non-profit Board Director Training Institute of Japan. “Entrepreneurship wasn’t celebrated like it was in the US or the UK.” He urges policies that encourage universities to file patent applications earlier in the development process, and make it easier for companies to licence innovations developed on campus.

Meanwhile, this aversion to entrepreneurship may be shifting. Lisa Kikuchi is a young manager at SenSprout, a startup developing sensors that measure soil moisture and temperature to make farming more efficient. She says choosing entrepreneurship or joining a startup is becoming a more realistic option. “But this is still a very small population, even in Tokyo,” she says. “I still feel that many of my friends go into government or major companies before considering working for or establishing startups.”

Importance & Scope:

The main scope and importance of the Asian Entrepreneurship Congress 2020 is to bring all professionals under one roof and share their experience in discussing the innovative trends in various business field including start-ups.

Target Audience:

• Directors and CEOs

Business Development Managers

Business Societies

• Entrepreneurs

Business Professors & Deans

• Students/Ph.D. Scholars

• Start-Up Entrepreneurs

Business Entrepreneurs

Marketing People


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