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Zoology Scholarly Peer-review Journal

Zoology is the branch of biology concerned with the study animals and animal kingdom. It is also known as animal biology. The study of zoology includes the interaction of animal kingdom in their ecosystems such as classification, habits, structure, embryology, distribution, evolution, and extinct species. Zoology is the part of science gave to the investigation of creature life. It covers regions extending from the structure of life forms to the sub cellular unit of life. A few zoologists are keen on the science of specific gatherings of creatures. Zoology is the part of science that reviews the set of all animals, including the structure, embryology, advancement, characterization, propensities, and dispersion everything being equal, both living and terminated, and how they associate with their biological systems. Zoography, likewise called enlightening zoology or zoogeography, is the investigation of creatures and their territories. It is worried about the geographic scopes of explicit populaces of creatures, their impacts on the environments they live in, and the purposes behind a particular spatial conveyance of a creature species. Zoology is the division of biology that deals with the animal kingdom. It is the scientific study related to the entire species of the animal kingdom.

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