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Animal Medicines

Like humans, animals are also prone to illness and there is a need of prevention of diseases and medicines for the treatment. AHI supports its members for the ongoing research, production and distribution of animal medicines, which fall into three primary categories: Biologics – commonly known as vaccines Pesticides – primarily flea and tick products Pharmaceuticals – covering a variety of medicines for the treatment of various animal diseases. The development of numerous medicines by the scientists has resulted in great improvements in the prevention and treatment of various animal health issues. New diagnostic tests and medical equipment specifically for animals are being developed leading to better treatments and more options for veterinarians and pet owners. AHI’s member companies, provides various pharmaceutical, biological and chemical products that keep animals healthy. But these medicines can only be marketed after undergoing government review process and approval by the federal regulatory agency. Animal medicines are also an important link in the food safety chain, and must be approved by the appropriate federal agency: the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in case of pharmaceuticals; the U.S Department of Agriculture (USDA) in case of vaccines; the EPA in case of pesticides.

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