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Geology is not a basic science but a multidisciplinary science since it uses the concepts of physics , chemistry , biology, and mathematics and applies these sciences to the study of the Earth. Geology is the study of the solid and molten Earth focused above all on direct observations of rocks and their interrelationships. Geology can be both field- and laboratory-based, but most of the original theories have been generated from field-based findings and all geological hypotheses must eventually be tested in the field and have to be able to explain actual, geological phenomena. It includes Mineralogy (minerals being, literally, the building blocks for rocks), Stratigraphy and Sedimentology (study of rocks formed by sediment accumulation), Palaeontology (study of fossil life), Igneous Geology (rocks crystallized from a molten state), Structural Geology (study of rocks deformed after their initial formation) and Metamorphic Geology. Geology also includes regional geology (geological explanations of specific continents), geological applications (in engineering, military and forensic studies), and geological history and philosophy outlining the evolution of thought on this subject.

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