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Personalized Medicine Importance

Personalized medicine (PM) is about tailoring a treatment as individualized because the disease. The approach relies on identifying genetic, epigenomic, and clinical information that permits the breakthroughs in our understanding of how a person’s unique genomic portfolio makes them susceptible to certain diseases.  Implementation of PM has the potential to scale back financial and time expenditure, and increase quality of life and life extension of patients.  The PM approach predominantly focuses on preventative medicine and favours taking pro-active actions instead of just reactive. PM may increase the effectiveness of existing treatments and negate the inherent problems related to non-PM approaches. PM may be a young but rapidly expanding field of healthcare where a physician can select a treatment supported a patient’s genetic profile which will not only minimize harmful side effects and guarantee a more successful result, but are often less cost effective compared with a ‘trial-and-error’ approach to disease treatment. Precision medicine is poised to have an impact on patients, health care delivery systems and research participants in ways that were only imagined 15 years ago when the human genome was first sequenced.  We explore the intersection of data science, analytics and precision medicine in creating a learning health system that carries out research in the context of clinical care and at the same time optimizes the tools and information used to delivery improved patient outcomes. We provide examples of real-world impact, and conclude with a policy and economic agenda that will be necessary for the adoption of this new paradigm of health care both in the United States and globally.

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