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Membranous Nephropathy

A frequent type of primary glomerular disease, a glomerulus-affected disease, the tiny ball-shaped structure in the kidney consisting of capillary blood vessels actively involved in blood filtration to form urine. The principal sign of the disease is proteinuria marked. Most cases are primary, which means the cause isn't understood. The remaining cases are secondary to conditions such as side effects of cancer, infection, and the drug. Idiopathic MN in older adults is the most common cause of primary nephrotic syndrome. Adults from the Caucasia and is uncommon in babies. It usually represents less than 5% of pediatric patients undergoing nephrotic syndrome biopsy. Around 30% of all primary nephrotic syndrome biopsy specimens show membranous nephropathy in adults, and about 50% in older Caucasian adults. There appear to be a significant number of agents capable of inducing membranous nephropathy in genetically susceptible individuals. More common agents include infections such as hepatitis B (less commonly associated with hepatitis C and syphilis), immune diseases such as lupus and diabetes mellitus, drugs such as gold, penicillamine, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agents, and captopril, and some tumors (the most common primary sites are colon, kidney, and lung). Membraneous nephropathy has also been related to the chronic immune response to renal transplants. Approximately 40 per cent of people with membranous nephropathy progress to end-stage renal failure after ten years without intervention. In contrast, up to 30 percent of people with spontaneous remission will have stable renal function, and around 30 percent will have stable renal function.

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