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Larvivorous Fish

Utilization of larvivorous fish in mosquito control has been settled uniquely the viability of fishes like Gambusia affinis, Poecilia reticulata and some indigenous fishes in various mosquito reproducing territories. Be that as it may, provides details regarding operational level scaling up or largescale utilization of fishes are meager. In India, utilization of larvivorous fishes has become a component in vector control strategy of the National Vector Borne Disease Control Program (NVBDCP). We utilized a precise methodology of scaling-up of utilization of the larvivorous fishes in Mandvi taluka (Sub-District), District Kutch, Gujarat in 2008–2009 chose based on high commonness of intestinal sickness during 2007 and reasonable biological conditions for utilization of larvivorous fishes. We prepared the vector control staff in getting of fishes from characteristic natural surroundings, transportation and discharge into mosquito reproducing territories and checking effect of this intercession on mosquito larval densities and jungle fever pervasiveness.

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