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Gene Expression Profiling Scholarly Journals

Gene expression is the mechanism used in the production of a functional gene product through input from a gene. These products are mostly proteins but the result is a functional RNA in non-protein-coding genes such as RNA transfer (tRNA) or small nuclear RNA (snRNA) genes. In the Core Dogma first proposed by Francis Crick in 1958, gene expression is outlined, further elaborated in his 1970 paper, and extended by the subsequent discoveries of reverse transcription and RNA replication. All known life — eukaryotes (including multicellular organisms), prokaryotes (bacteria and archaea), and viruses — uses the gene expression mechanism to produce the macromolecular machinery for life. Gene expression is the most basic stage of genetics in which the genotype gives rise to the phenotype, i.e., measurable feature. The genetic information contained in DNA reflects the genotype while the phenotype is the product of that information being "interpreted." These phenotypes are often expressed by protein synthesis that regulates the structure and development of the organism, or that acts as enzymes that catalyze different metabolic pathways.

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