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Follicular mucinosis is a rare disorder affecting hair-bearing skin, most commonly on the scalp, head and neck. The name of the condition comes from the accumulation of mucin (jelly-like, semi-liquid material) in the walls of hair follicles. Sometimes the mucin is visible to the naked eye, and the hair follicles are visibly prominent and seem to ooze a clear gelatinous material.Follicular mucinosis may occur on its own or in association with lymphoma of the skin (15-30% of cases).Sometimes follicular mucinosis may show up in skin biopsy results for other inflammatory skin diseases. In these cases, it has no particular significance. Benign or non-cancerous forms of follicular mucinosis (benign, primary or idiopathic follicular mucinosis) are often of unknown cause.In the lymphoma-associated form, the underlying condition is usually cutaneous T-cell lymphoma (mycosis fungoides). The condition represents a direct involvement of the hair follicles by lymphoma cells (folliculotropic mycosis fungoides)Occasionally, other forms of lymphoma (e.g. Hodgkin disease) have also been associated with follicular mucinosis.

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