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Fibromyalgia Genetics Syndrome Journals

Even though debate on the concept of fibromyalgia (FM) has been powerful ever since the categorization criteria were first published, FM is now better implicit and has become accepted as a disorder. Currently, FM is considered to result from an interaction between genetic factors and environmental factors. The pain is associated with tenderness that occurs with touch or pressure on the muscles, joints, or skin. Some affected individuals also report numbness, tingling, or a burning sensation (paresthesia) in the arms and legs. However the etiology of FMS is not completely assumed, varieties of neuroendocrine disturbances, as well as distortions of autonomic function, have been involved in its pathogenesis, The analysis is typically clinical  and the physician must concentrate on pain and on its features. Recent evidence suggests that FMS and related syndromes share heritable pathophysiological features.

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