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 The International Journal of Corporate Finance and Accounting (IJCFA) distributes unique examination articles of hypothetical, observational, trial, and applied work on all parts of corporate money, bookkeeping, and other related fields. The diary is especially keen on distributing improving exploration results including the utilization of cutting edge quantitative strategies in corporate fund and bookkeeping, just as articles that embrace an incorporated and interdisciplinary methodology toward tending to significant choice and strategy making issues in these fields. IJCFA empowers research that associates hypothesis with application input and accentuates the convergence of the interests among scholastics and professionals. The essential strategic the International Journal of Corporate Finance and Accounting (IJCFA) is to give a one of a kind discussion to experts, administrative specialists, scholastics, analysts, and policymakers chipping away at bookkeeping and money and other related orders to share and trade thoughts and encounters. The diary causes them to create viable reactions to the difficulties of the 21st century. IJCFA distributes unique material concentrating on giving helpful choice supporting procedures and elevating a binding together way to deal with corporate money and bookkeeping.

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