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Blood Cancer Products:

Blood and Blood component therapy represent the application of cell and plasmatic blood components in order to correct anemia thrombocytopenia and stop bleeding. The aim of chemotherapy is in circulation of the blood using specific chemoproducts thus influencing the volume of circulating blood and activity of mediator of immune response by allogen transfusion in the circulation of the recipient different cells are introduced of which mononucleus cells T and B lymphocytes, dendrite cells chematosepsis and other cells can survive longer and are able to be functional in circulation interaction of some of the mononuclear cells with immune system of the receiver and clinical consequences of those reactions depend on the degree of histocompatibility between donor and recipient the period of time and way of  storing number and type of mononuclear cells, as well as the condition of patient’s immune system for years transfusion of blood and blood products has been very important in supportive medical treatment of oncological patients in that way we have significantly reduced the mortatlity of patients with malignant diseases  and decreased unwanted chemobilogical disturbances occurring because of radio and chemotherapy. Inspite of  a positive therapy effect transfusion can be joined with numerous unwanted effects the reason of which the use of transfusion is not without isks for patients therefore before making a decision whether the patients should receive transfusion or not

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