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All biomolecules share in common a fundamental relationship between structure and performance , which is influenced by factors like the environment during which a given biomolecule occurs. Lipids, for instance , are hydrophobic (“water-fearing”); in water, many spontaneously arrange themselves in such how that the hydrophobic ends of the molecules are shielded from the water, while the hydrophilic ends are exposed to the water. This arrangement gives rise to lipid bilayers, or two layers of phospholipid molecules, which form the membranes of cells and organelles. In another example, DNA, which may be a very long molecule—in humans, the combined length of all the DNA molecules during a single cell stretched end to finish would be about 1.8 metres (6 feet), whereas the nucleus is about 6 μm (6 10-6 metre) in diameter—has a highly flexible helical structure that permits the molecule to become tightly coiled and looped.

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