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Astronomer According to Socrates, a famous philosopher from Athens, Greece, "Man must rise above the Earth—to the top of the atmosphere and beyond—for only thus will he fully understand the world during which he lives." Socrates believes that astronomy can help people understand the planet better. Astronomy is that the study of space, and so as for somebody to be an astronomer, they need to find out tons of math and science and be good at it. Astronomy isn't an enormous science field either, but there are tons of various people employing for it. Astronomy helps people understand the world and that they are not the most important part of it, and that they are just a small part of it. Astronomers have a lot they need to do because of their jobs. They have to study the origins of the universe and what happens in space (“Physicists and Astronomers”). One thing they have to watch for in space, is to watch out for comets that could possibly hit Earth. If they do not see a comet, they can put many people at risk. If a large comet hits earth, it can end up changing the climate a little. Astronomers do not look through telescopes to do this though. On a regular day, an astronomer has many duties. There is a stereotypical view of an astronomer rummaging through telescopes, yet they barely ever do because most of the info they have is already in hand. Writing computer programs about this information, displaying satellite data so it's easier to know is one among the most things they are doing. Once the data is written clearly, astronomers can use it to look for new hints to extra-terrestrial composition. Many times, a year, they may write letters to NASA asking for money to pay their salary, along with money for grants and research. To be an astronomer, you need many educational requirements.

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