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Anti-mycobacterial Therapy

Mycobacterium is a bacteria from genus actinobacteria forming its own family called mycobacteriaceae. More than 190 species are recognised in this particular genus including pathogens which cause serious diseases such as tuberculosis and leprosy in humans. A therapy which is used to treat this mycobacterial infections is called as antimycobacterial therapy and this therapy can be used to treat different diseases that are caused by different species of mycobacteria such as mycobacterium tuberculosis and mycobacterium leprae. This therapy helps in preventing the mycobacterial genome in a way that it suppresses the growth of bacteria in the individual. The main reason behind the study of antimicrobial therapy is to improve the patient and their disease causing susceptibility. Some of the drugs which are used in this antimycobacterial therapy are capreomycin, biomycin and enviomycin.

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