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Challenges and Issues in Adult Intensive Care Nursing

When Paradoxes Hamper The Search For Meaning: The Psychodynamics of Work of Nurses in a Residential and Long-Term Care Facility

Investigating the Relationship Between Schools and Families of Children with Chronic Diseases in the East of Turkey

Development and Testing of a Standardized Primary Health Assessment Instrument (SPHAI) for Home Health Care

Current Effect of Sedentary Screen Time on Child-Adolescent Health Outcomes

Hypertension Prevalence, Awareness, Treatment and Control in the Urban District of Wuhan, China: Implications for Community Nursing Practice

Demand for Nursing Care from Elderly People Hospitalised at an Intensive Care Unit

Nursing Care Indicators to Nursing Homes

Transforming Bedside Nursing Care through Practice-Academic Co-Mentoring Relationships

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit in Malaysia: Staff Nurses' Positive Eperiences

Evidence-Based Practice Nursing Interventions for Improved Functional and Cognitive Outcomes in the Traumatic Brain Injury Patient

Applying Feminist Ethics of Care to Nursing Practice

Respecting Human Dignity through Individualized Care

Challenges and Issues in Nursing Leadership

Vitamin C in the Prevention of Postoperative Atrial Fibrillation: A New Challenge for Cardiothoracic Nurses

Current Trends in Nursing and Care: Status of the Profession

Nursing Care Centered on the Best Practices

Support as a Concept and with a Focus on Childbearing

Military Nurses: Caring often Invisible and Unheralded

The Problem with Pin Site Infection

Attitudes of Nurses Caring for Children with Disabilities

Psychiatric Nurses Explanations of Self-Harming Behaviour in Secure Forensic Settings: A Multi-Method Phenomenological Investigation

Understanding the Differences between Husserl’s (Descriptive) and Heidegger’s (Interpretive) Phenomenological Research

Alcohol Withdrawal Assessment Training Protocol: A Case Study

Caring for Dinner in Hospital

End-of-Life Care: A Paradigm of Nursing Knowledge

Self-Reported Symptoms and Concerns in Long-Term Survivors Attending Follow-Up Visits after Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation: A Cross-Sectional Single Center Evaluation in Switzerland

A Systematic Review on the Intersection of Homelessness and Healthcare in Canada

Early Post-operative Surveillance after Brain Surgery

Most Important for First Time Mothers during Labor is to be Respected for their Needs, to Feel Involved in the Care and Support from their Partners

Operating Room Nurses Knowledge and Practice of Sterile Technique

Professional Support in Pregnancy Influence Maternal Relation to and Feelings for the Baby after Cesarean Birth: An Intervention Study

The Efficiency of a Behavioral Intervention Program for Urinary Incontinence in Elderly Females

Teenage Childbearing in Sweden - Depressive Symptoms among Teenage Mothers, Influencing Factors, Perception of Support and Self-Esteem - A Comparative Cross-Sectional Study

Nursing Care after Hip Fracture Surgery Predicts Patient Ambulatory Ability at 3 Months after Surgery

Role Responsibilities of Full-Time Faculty in a Pre-licensure Nursing Program

Structure of Life Adjustments by Lung Cancer Patients with Decreased Performance Status

Myxoid Leiomyosarcoma of the Uterus

Characteristics of the Work Environment of Magnet Hospitals and Job Satisfaction among Nurses in Japan: A Cross-Sectional Study Using Multi- Level Analysis

The Movement to a New Understanding: A Life-World-Based Study about How People Learn to Live with Long-Term Illness

To Assess the Knowledge of Blood Donation among Voluntary Blood Donor at Blood Bank, Krishna Hospital Karad (Maharashtra, India)

Advanced Practice Nurses in Japan: Education and Related Issues

Survey of the Nurse Staffing System Including the Patient Classification System and Issues in Nurse Resource Management in Japan

Nursing Intervention in Infant Mental Health: Enhancing Mother-Infant Interaction and Self-Esteem of Adolescent Mothers

Influence of Self-Stimulation of the Parasympathetic Nervous System on Lymphocyte Function and DNA Repair Function in Family Caregivers

Development and Validation of a Student Self-efficacy Scale

Nurses Use of Complementary Alternative Medicine for Cancer Patients in Japan.

The Obstacle to Health Care of Foreign Residents in Japan

Impact of Nursing Staffing on Patient Outcomes in Intensive Care Unit

Professional Issues and Trends in Nursing in Japan

A Qualitative Study of Long-term Care Leaders’ Experiences of End-of-Life Care Provision at Long-term Care Facilities in Japan

Requirements with Regard to Nursing Consultation by mental Health Consultation Liaison Nurses and Suggestions for their Intervention

Economic Estimation of Nursing Services under the Diagnostic Procedure Combination/Per-Diem Payment System

Short-Term Effectiveness of a Swallowing Exercise for the Elderly Using Day-Care Services

Scoping the Assessment Needs of Young Carers of Adults with a Long Term Condition

A Dialogical Trial for Understanding a Mother and a Child with Autism Spectrum Disorder: Preliminary Implication for Nursing and Care

Relationships Among Health Locus of Control, Coping Methods, and Dysmenorrhea of Korean Adolescence in Middle School

Engaging Clinicians in Research: Issues to Consider

Predictors of Health Related Quality of Life for Adults Ages 40-64

Health-Related Problems after the Great East Japan Earthquake: An Evaluation Based on the Annual Health Examination

Physical Restraints in Critical Care Units: Impact of a Training Program on Nurses' Knowledge and Practice and on Patients' Outcomes

Fathers' Feelings and Experiences during Pregnancy and Childbirth: A Qualitative Study

A Longitudinal, Comparative Evaluation of Reflective Practice Groups for Nurses Working in Intensive Care and Oncology

An Overview of Metabolic Syndrome in Turkish Population

A Unitary Perspective for Cancer Nursing

Effect of Nurse-Physician Teamwork in the Emergency Department Nurse and Physician Perception of Job Satisfaction

ELSI: Ethical, Legal and Sociocultural Issues in Nursing Viewed through a Complex Synergistic System Lens

Glycemic Relapse in Uninsured Asian-Americans/Pacific Islanders with Diabetes

Nursing Challenges for the 21st Century

Sleep Disturbance in Elderly Patients after Cardiac Surgery during their Stay in Intensive Care Unit and Surgical Ward

Teaching Communication to Nursing Students: Contemporary Perspectives on Practice

Stress, Psychoneuroimmunology and Self-care: What Every Nurse Needs to Know

Medication Documentation in Nursing Discharge Summaries at Patient Discharge from Special Care to Primary Care

Reflection in Nurse Education

The Implementation of Nursing Process and Associated Factors among Nurses Working in Debremarkos and Finoteselam Hospitals, Northwest Ethiopia, 2013

Quality of Life - Exemplified through Patients Living with Atrial Fibrillation

Professional Ambivalence: Understanding of the Eminence of Advanced Clinical Nursing Specialization in the Philippines

Strengthening of Health Locus of Control could Increase the Independence of Post Stroke Patients in Implementing the Daily Activities at Home

Lifestyle Behavior Modification of Mothers of Diabetic Children's through Application of Trans-theoretical Model of Change

Barriers to conducting multicenter nursing research

Nurses and their Ongoing Engagement in Nursing Research: A Brief Commentary

Adult Foster Care: Relief for those who Despair in Nursing Homes

Nurses, How to Become ‘Valuable Persons’ Using Social Media

The Use of 4G Android Tablets for Enhanced Patient Activation of Chronic Disease Self-Management in People with Heart Failure

Influence of Abandonment, Stigmatization and Social Isolation on the Coping Strategies of Women with Vesico Vaginal Fistula in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria

Glucose Lowering Medicines and Older People with Diabetes: The Importance of Comprehensive Assessments and Pharmacovigilance

Knowledge and Attitude Regarding Care of Elderly Among Nursing Students: An Indian Perspective

Relationships Among Health Locus of Control, Psychosocial Status and Glycemic Control in Type 2 Diabetes Adults

Body Image Perception and the Effectiveness of a Body Image Education in Pregnant Housewives

Sheltering Aboriginal Women with Mental Illness in Ontario, Canada: Being "Kicked" and Nurtured

Assessment of Nursing Care Experience and Associated Factors Among Adult Inpatients in Black-Lion Hospital, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia : An Institution-Based Cross-Sectional Study

The Role of Public Health Nurses in Japanese Long-term Care Prevention Projects in the Community

Implantation of Adult Stem Cells in Patients with Heart Disease: Clinical Practice Implications for Nurses

Nursing Clinical Instructor Needs Assessment

Cementing Sharps Safety in the European Union: The Importance of Complying with the 2010 EU Council Directive on Sharps Injury Prevention

Assessment of Factors Affecting Implementation of Nursing Process Among Nurses in Selected Governmental Hospitals, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia; Cross Sectional Study

Situational Awareness and Emergent Response Systems in the Context of Stages of Clinical Deterioration in the Hospital

Nursing Honor Societies: Past, Present, and Future

Healthcare Providers' Impact on the Patient Experience: Is Anyone listening to Improve Quality and Safety?

Nurses' Role in Designing and Using eHealth Systems

The Impact of Breast Cancer Educational Workshop on Knowledge and Breast Self-Examination Practice Among Korean-American Women

Assessment Of Blood Pressure For Determining The Time To Perform First Postural Change In Patients After Cardiac Surgery In The Intensive Care Unit

Food Insecurity Among HIV Sero-Positive Patients

Experiences of Critical Care Nurses of Death and Dying in an Intensive Care Unit: A Phenomenological Study

The Impact of Nursing Leadership Training on Evidence-Based Leadership and Practice

Cesarean Scar Pregnancy: Diagnosis and Treatment

The Nature of Violence: Origins and Prevention of Healthcare Violence

Usefulness of Nursing Documentations in Multi-professional Collaboration and Information Exchange in Finland

Meeting Communication Needs Of Aged Patients With Cancer. A Continuous Challenge

Patients' Perspective Of Cancer Treatment And Care In Vhembe District Of Limpopo Province

Confirmatory Study for Developing the Construction of Core Competencies of Nursing Practice

The Challenges of Teaching and Learning Spirituality in Nursing

Stigma of Mental Disorders and Role of Nursing Professionals: A Developing Country Perspective

Can Awareness of Actual Risk of Complications Improve Outcomes in Adults with Type 2 Diabetes? Findings of a Pilot Study

Do Practice Nurses in the Caribbean have the Knowledge of the Principles and Concepts of Diabetes Self-Management Education?

Leader-Member Exchange (LMX) and Psychosocial Factors at Work Among Healthcare Professionals

How We Can Enhance Nurses' Assertiveness: A Literature Review

Declaring War on Clostridium difficile and other GI Pathogens: A Review of Disposable Commode Products

Medication Errors: Medication Orders with Error-Prone Abbreviations

The Usefulness of Low-Dose Oral Contraceptive in the Treatment of Women of Reproductive Age with Severe Motor and Intellectual Disabilities: Five Case Reports

Skilled Versus Unskilled Assistance in Home Delivery: Maternal Complications, Stillbirth and Neonatal Death in Indonesia

Insulin Pump Therapy in Non-Pregnant Hospitalized Adults: A Review of the Literature

Tailoring an Evidence-Based Practice Fellowship to Meet Learning Needs of Bedside Nurses

A Laboratory Study on Pathogenic Fungi Carried by Flowers in an Infectious Disease Ward

Reliability and Validity Testing of Pilot Data from the TeamSTEPPS® Performance Observation Tool

Commentary to the Article Nursing Honor Societies; Past, Present and Future published in the Nursing and care 2014 3(4) 1000172-1000173

Development of a Trauma-based Continuing Care Model for Enhancing Care Outcomes in Social Unrest Area: A Case Study

The Effects of the Primary Nursing Care Model: A Systematic Review

Nursing Care for Elderly People in Germany and China: A Bilateral Comparison and Exploration of Policy Transfer

Enhancing Learning through Simulation Activities

Faculty Members' Attitudes Towards Older People

Generating Strategies for Strengthening Health Systems through Community Participation

Continuity of Care Optimizing the Gamma Knife® Brain Surgery Patient Experience

The Effect of Hand Hygiene Promotion in a University Hospital in China

Emotional and Spiritual Pain and Suffering of Older People with End-of-Life Dementia from the Perspective of Nurses and Care Workers: A Qualitative Study

Emotional and Psychological Support of Living Lung Donors Who Failed to Donate to their Child: A Case Report

The Effects of Horticultural Therapy on the Well-Being and Hope of Women in Rural Korea

CHATTERBOX: Developing and Piloting an Interactive Communication Tool kit for Engaging Families with Dental Services

Cleaning the Slate: Forgiveness as Integral to Personal and Professional Self-Actualization

A literature Review of the Results from Nursing and Psychosocial Research within Swedish Pediatric Oncology

Technological Developments in Neonatal Care at Birth

The Teaching Method and the Problem of Patient Information Handling in the in the Nursing Education Curriculum in Bachelor Course

The Nursing Faculty Shortage: Predictors of Job Satisfaction and Intent to Stay in Academe: A Review of the Literature

Prosthetics School Importance of Patient Education Prior to Prosthetic Hip and Knee Surgery

Impact of Depression on Quality of Life Results in Patients Following Acute Coronary Syndrome Treated with Percutaneous Coronary Intervention (PCI)

A Changing Australian Population Demographic: The Role of Rural Nurses

To be Supportive or to Care For

Clinical Nurse Specialist, Role Preparation, for Example, Educating the Educators

The Necessity of Participation of Patients with Chronic Heart Failure in Heart failure

Reflecting About Assessment by Reflective-Critical and Creative Thinking in Nursing Education in Brazil

Nursing Science: A Reflection from the Perspective of Jurgen Habermas’ Knowledge Interests Theory

Τhe Concept of Care in Nursing

Using Transformative Learning Theory to Impact Patient Care

Nutrition as a Vital Sign: Progress Since the 1990 Multidisciplinary Nutrition Screening Initiative and Opportunities for Nursing

Body Mass Index in Children and Their Parents: A Cross-Sectional Study in a Study Population of Children from Southern Italy

From Apoplexy to Brain Attack, a Historical Perspective on Stroke to Date

Overview of Common Regimens Used for Initiating and Titrating Insulin in Individuals with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

When it Hurts: Too Young or Too Old

Professional Nurses’ Knowledge level on Type II Diabetes Mellitus at Selected teaching and Training Hospitals in the Central Region of Ghana

An Ethical Incident from My Nursing Career

Student’s Academic Transition Issues: Associate Degree to Baccalaureate Nursing

When it comes to Nurses’ Utilization of Research: Never Underestimate the Power of the Dark Side of Nursing Culture

Parenting Experiences and the Need for Parent Education Programs among Parents of Adolescents in Korea

The Diabetic Foot

Can A Nursing Intervention Improve the Sleep Pattern Disorders in Patients Undergoing Hemodialysis in Morning and Afternoon Shifts?

Validation of Measurement Scales in Health Care

Mental Healthcare in Rural and Underserved Primary Care Settings: Benefits of Telemental Health, Integrated Care, Stepped Care and Interdisciplinary Team Models

Health Literate Healthcare Organizations and their Role in Future Healthcare

The Chronic Critically Ill: Pulmonary Perspective

Use of Physical Restraints in a Rehabilitation Setting: Findings from a Point Prevalence Survey

Women's Experiences of Midwifery Support during Pregnancy A step in the Validation of the Scale: “The Mother Perceived Support from Professionals”

Minimizing Nurses Psychological Conflict over Physical Restraint of Patients

Clinical Nursing Skills for Nurses: from Evolution to Revolution

Using Web Simulation for Teaching and Learning about Critical Care: New Times and New Solutions

Building Resilience in Nurses: The Need for a Multiple Pronged Approach

Editorial: Communication Style Makes a Difference

Nursing care for esophageal cancer patients receiving radiation therapy in China: A review of the published literature

Self-Control Demands and Job Strain in Nursing and Care: The Moderating Role of Boundary Conditions

Constructing the Nurse Match Instrument to Measure Professional Identity and Values in Nursing

Quality of Life in Cancer Patients- A Nursing Perspective

Utilizing the Delphi Survey Approach: A Review

Role of Care for the Prevention of Falls and Fractures among Elderly Persons Living in Long-Term Care Facilities

The Influence of Social Media on Sleep Quality: A Study of Undergraduate Students in Chongqing, China

Lesser Recognised Important Roles of the Clinical Nurse Specialist

The Skin Conductance Algesimeter Validated with the Numerical Rating Scale Postoperatively in Patients Treated with Classical Music

Connecting Leisure-Time Physical Activity and Quality of Sleep to Nurse Health: Data from the e-Cohort Study of Nurses and Midwives

Evidence Based Patient Education to Promote Natural Childbirth Experiences: Educating your Patients to know the Right Questions to ask to meet their Own Personal Birthing Needs

Single-Room Neonatal Intensive Care: State of the Practice

Collaborative Initiative between Nurses and Pharmacists as Part of Interdisciplinary Team Improves Outcome of Patients with Heart Failure

Challenges to use Volunteer Counseling and Testing for HIV/AIDS among Jimma University College of Public Health and Medical Sciences Graduating Class Students Jimma, South West Ethiopia, Cross Sectional Study

Benefits and Risks of Disclosing Human Immunodeficiency Virus Diagnosis to Perinatally Infected Children: A Critical Review of the Literature

Sociological Conceptions of Happiness and its Implications for Psychotherapy and Public Policy

Assessment of Nurses’ Preparedness and Identify Barriers to Care Women Exposed to Intimate Partner Violence in East Gojjam Zone, Ethiopia, 2014

Directed Imagination: A Procedure for Improving Self-concept in Persons with Leprosy

Development and Preliminary Testing of the Graven and Grant Social Network Survey in Patients with Heart Failure

Challenges Faced in Providing Primordial Care, Central India

Special Issues for Pregnant Women with Mental Illness

Statistical Modelling of Adolescent Pregnancy in Namibia

Pattern and Variation of Umbilical Stump Fall in Newborns Who Received Antibiotics for Sepsis

Specific Nursing Care Rendered In Hepatic Encephalopathy: Contemporary Review and New Clinical Insights

Things to Note in Stroke Rehabilitation

Rural Community Hospital Care NSTEMI/UA: Implications for Triage and Treatment

Lung Cancer Treatment: Status 2015

Unique Foreign Body of the Pharynx- Touch Light Spring and Its Plastic Cover

Prescription, OTC and Complementary Medicine Use among Hmong Adults in Central California

Low Apgar, Need for Resuscitation and Neonatal Jaundice

Parental Presence during Resuscitation and Invasive Procedures in the Emergency Department: Saudi Parents Perspectives

Evidence Based Practice and Evidence based Nursing Education

Learning to Nurse in a Multicultural Society - The Experiences of Nursing Students in Sweden

Experiences of Study Exchange Program in Australia from Asian Nursing Students` Perspectives

The Impact of Martha Rogers Nursing Science in Spain

Glucono-Delta-Lactone: An In Vitro Inhibitor of Hyperglycemia-Induced Coagulation

Medication Errors in Intravenous Drug Preparation and Administration: A Brief Review

The Importance of Caring: My Journey into Professional Nursing

Emergency Department Nurses' Perceptions toward Factors Influencing the Occurrence of Medication Administration Errors

Developing and Evaluating the Integration of Life and Social Sciences Teaching to First-Year Nursing Students

What makes Patients Satisfied with their Healthcare? Nationwide Patient Experience Surveys in Japan

Using Clinical Microsystems to Implement Care Coordination in Primary Care

Characteristics of and Factors Related to Parental Perceptions of Feeding Preterm Toddlers and Preschoolers: Comparison with the Characteristics of Full-Term Children

Comparing the Effectiveness of Health Program in Thailand and Japan

Professionalism and Its Predictors among Nurses Working in Jimma Zone Public Hospitals, South West Ethiopia

Needle Stick and Sharp Injuries and Associated Factors among Nurses Working In Jimma University Specialized Hospital, South West Ethiopia

Effectiveness of a Nursing Shift Information System on a Surgical Ward in Taiwan

Lesser Recognised Important Roles of the Clinical Nurse Specialist

Single-Room Neonatal Intensive Care: State of the Practice

Specific Nursing Care Rendered In Hepatic Encephalopathy: Contemporary Review and New Clinical Insights

The Impact of Martha Rogers' Nursing Science in Spain

Evidence Based Practice and Evidence based Nursing Education

The Cleaning Effect of Shampooing Care by Adenosine Triphosphate Bioluminescence System

A Closer Look at the Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome (MERS-CoV) Outbreak in Saudi Arabia

Moving Forward Towards a Positive Ethical Healthcare Climate in a Multicultural Context

Nonconventional Use of Substances among Youth in Nigeria: Viewpoints of Students in a Nigerian Tertiary Institution

Alignment and Dissonance: Two Sides of a Vision

Intuition and Care

Assessment of Attitudes towards Nursing Profession among Nurses and Non-Nursing Health Professionals Working in Mizan-Aman General Hospital, Southwest Ethiopia

Reduction of Preoperative Anxiety in Children Using Non-Pharmacological Measures

Prevalence of Trachoma and Associated Risk Factors among Yello Elementary School Students, In Loma Woreda, Dawro Zone, Ethiopia, 2015

Assessing the Quality of Patient Centred Consultations

Clinical Nursing Teaching in Saudi Arabia Challenges and Suggested Solutions

Team-Based Learning in Health Care Education: Maintaining Key Design Elements

Factors Influencing Compliance with Oral Hygiene Practices Among Upper Primary School Children at Eldoret Town in Uasin Gishu County, Kenya

Roma People Perception of Public Health System and a Classification into Homogeneous Groups Using K-Means Cluster Analysis

Heuristic Evaluation of Data Integration and Visualization Software Used for Continuous Monitoring to Support Intensive Care: A Bedside Nurses Perspective

Virtual Patients in Emergency Nursing Training

Small is Insightful: A Method for the Microanalysis of Behaviour and Communication

Building Capacity for Self-Management Interventions: The Challenges

Quality of Nursing Care in Saudi Arabia: Needs for Improvement

Modern Nursing in the Process of Ethical Changes in Surgery

Early Warning Scores-Are We Doing it Right?

Ultrasound-Guided Epi® Technique, New Treatment for Degenerative Tendinopathy

Assessment of Factors Affecting Performance of Nurses Working at Jimma University Specialized Hospital in Jimma Town, Oromia Region, South-West Ethiopia

A Short Commentary about Benefits and Drawbacks of Osces in the Nursing Education

Knowledge Levels of Male Circumcision among Pregnant Women at a Referral Health Institution: A Pilot Study

Changing Student Nurses Values, Attitudes, and Behaviours: A Meta Ethnography of Enrichment Activities

Patient Dignity at The End-Of-Life: Is it Possible in Critical Care?

Do a Neurocritical Care Unit Requires Dedicated Nurse Staff?

Monitoring in Post Stroke Management

Evaluation of a Multidisciplinary Professional Development Activity to Enhance Communication Skills Based on Calgary Cambridge Model

Optimized Patient Transfer through Innovative Multidisciplinary Assessment: Project Description of Phase I [Translated from the originalarticle in German published in Pflegewissenschaft 2012; 5:291-8]

Health Care-Seeking Behaviors among Women Suffering from Urinary Incontinence

The Need for a Critical Approach to Nursing Education within a Globalized World

Work-Family Conflict and the Role of Family Supervisor Support as a Promising Approach to Retain Qualified Nurses

Simulation Pedagogy for Advanced Resuscitation

Long-Term Survivors of Breast Cancer: Religious Influence

Experiences of Immigrant Women with Postpartum Depression: An Interpretive Review

Influence of Illness Representations on Self-Management Behaviors in Korean Hypertensive Patients

Undergraduate Saudi Nursing Students Attitudes towards Nursing Profession

Practicing Inter-Professional Teamwork among Nursing and Medical Students

Breast Cancer - A Developing Paradigm of Nursing Care in Israel

Health Information Literacy among Healthy Older Irish Adults

Prevalence of Premarital Sexual Practice and Associated Factors among Adolescents of Jimma Preparatory School Oromia Region, South West Ethiopia

Adult Patient Satisfaction with In-patient Nursing Care in a Referral and Teaching Hospital Southern Nations Nationalities and Peoples Region (SNNPR), Ethiopia

Work Place Violence in Nursing

A Case of Nursing Experience of Taking Care of Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease Patient in China

The Nursing Care in Front of the Dying Process in Oncology

Hand Hygiene Analyzed by Video Recording

Expression of Survivin Gene and Protein in Mycosis Fungoides

The Hypo-Utilization of Cardiac Rehabilitation among Patients Undergoing Percutaneous Coronary Intervention: The Critical Role of the Cardiac Nurse

Nurses Must Knock Down Professional "Silos" and Create Quality, Safe and Effective Interprofessional Teams. From the Inside Looking Out: A Healthcare Providers Experience Being the Family Member

Assessment of Knowledge and Attitude of Nurses towards Ionizing Radiation during Theatre/Ward Radiography

A New Approach to Reduce Pressure Ulcers and Improve Health of Scoliosis Surgery Patients

Nursing Interventions and Rehabilitation Activities for Stroke Patients

Prevention and Early Management of In-Hospital Cardiac Arrest: A Challenge for Nursing Educators

Initial Care to Illegal Immigrants Who Arrive in Europe on Small Boats. What are Nurses Doing?

Nurses Challenges of Supporting Hospitalized Patients Regarding Sexual-Health Issues

Mental Health Nursing Training in Zimbabwe

Steps towards Updating the Curriculum and Teaching Methods in Obstetrics, Gynaecology and Neonatology in Mongolia

A Study to Assess the Effect of Therapeutic Positions on Hemodynamic Parameters among Critically Ill Patients in the Intensive Care Unit at Sri Ramachandra Medical Centre

The Effectiveness of Using Luer-Lok (Bd Vacutainer®) In Reducing Hemolysis Rates in Busy Emergency Departments

On the Retention of Younger Nurses

Nurses Role in Delivering the Message: The Value of Health Promotion and Patient Education in the Self-Care Management of Adults with Asthma

A Concept Analysis of the Phenomenon of Resilience

Nursing as a Profession in Brazil: Sociological Contributions

Environmental Biodecontamination: When a Procedure Performed by the Nursing Staff has an Economic Impact in ICU Rooms

The Enabling Role of Social Media for Chinese Immigrants' Health: A Pilot Study

Spiritual Needs and Care of Patients from Nurses’ Perspectives on ICU

Ethical Model - A Synthesis between Caring Sciences and Nursing Administration

Caphosol® versus State-of-the-Art Mouth Care in Patients with Allogeneic Stem Cell Transplantation: A Randomized Controlled Trial

The Mock Code an Educational Tool in International Medical Missions

Editor Note

Nurses Intent to Leave and Job Satisfaction in Hematology/Oncology Areas: Implications for Policy and Practice

What Destroys the Feeling of Meaning of Life of Older Patients and Disturbs their Successful Aging

How much Ultrafiltration in CKD-5 Patients?

Analysis of Utterances by Older Persons in 'Life-Worldly' Communication with Caregivers in Japan

How Nurses in Hospital in Vietnam Learn to Improve their Own Nursing Competency: An Ethnographic Study

Care Management: Perspectives from Managers, Professionals and Users of a Specialized Service Facility Focused on Human Immunodeficiency Virus/ Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome

Knowledge and Attitude Regarding Pubertal Changes among Pre-Adolescent Boys: An Interventional Study in Rural Area in India

Severe Asthma: Moving from Phenotype to Endotype Classification with Updates on Treatment

Brazilian Nursing Technology Production: An Integrative Review

Social Justice in Nursing Education: Leap into Action

Review Article - Comorbidities in Rheumatoid Arthritis

Oral Health and Care at Intensive Care Units

Understanding the Role of Emotions like Threat and Challenge in Explaining Nurses' Educators' Actual Use of Information Technology

Medical Error Reporting Attitudes of Healthcare Personnel, Barriers and Solutions: A Literature Review

Preferences and Utilization of Drug Information Resources by Practicing Pharmacists

Virtual Hospital: An Opportunity To Access The Heath Care Systems Without Time And Place Constraints

The Thing with Non-Physical Fatigue is that you cant Get Rid of it with Rest: Psychosocial Nursing Students Reflect on Their Clinical Placement, South Africa

Perception and Core Competencies of Disaster Nursing in South Korea

Growing Up with Type 1 Diabetes: A Photo Elicitation of Memory

Influence of Nurse Education on Healthy Lifestyle Habits of Students: A Literature Review

Treatment Outcomes of Tuberculosis Patients at Bale Robe Hospital Oromia Regional State, Ethiopia: A Five Year Retrospective Study

Photodynamic Therapy, Laser Therapy and Cellulose Membrane for the Healing of Venous Ulcers: Results of a Pilot Study

Unveiling the Meanings of Coronary Artery Disease for Menopausal Women: A Descriptive Study

The Burden of Care: Experiences of Parents of Children with Thalassemia

Factors in the Critical Thinking Disposition and Skills of Intensive Care Nurses

Bloodstream Infection: The Influence of Risk Factors, Etiology and Antimicrobial Therapy on Mortality Rates

Clinical Supervision as an Integral Part in Training for Bridging Course Learners at Selected Hospitals of Vhembe District, Limpopo Province, South Africa

Big Data Analytics in Heart Attack Prediction

Experiences of Healing Yoga among Breast Cancer Women with Adjuvant Chemotherapy

Mapping the Medication System: Weaknesses and Risk Management

The Paradox of Obesity in Graduate level Advance Practice Nurses and Nurse Educators

Holistic Nursing Approach to Patients with Cancer

Job Satisfaction and Associated Factors among Nurses in East Gojjam Zone Public Hospitals Northwest Ethiopia, 2016

Job Satisfaction Factors and Nurses Intention to Quit in Type C Hospitals

Neonatal Danger Signs: Attitude and Practice of Post-Natal Mothers

The Safe and Effective Plateletpheresis

Communication Skills of Novice Nurses at Psychiatric Hospital in Saudi Arabia

Community Perception of Single Parenting in Zaria, Northern Nigeria

Night Shift and its Impact upon the Quality of Life of Nurses Working at the Teaching Hospitals of the Medical City Complex in Baghdad City, Iraq

Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of Infection Prevention Measures among Health Care Workers in Wolaitta Sodo Otona Teaching and Referral Hospital

Effect of Pole-Assisted Walking on Intramuscular Lipids in Elderly Nursing Home Residents

Beyond the Language Barrier 'Speak', 'See', 'Help Me'

Drug Addiction and Adolescents

"You Can't Feel Healthier than Your Caregiver" - The Ripple Effect of Trust and Empathy for Patients and Health Care Staff, Cultivated through Cultural Activities

Management of Occupational Exposure to Latex: A Nurse with Latex Allergy, Health Problems, Workplace Change

Workplace Stress Induced among Nurses at Mbarara Regional Referral Hospital, South West Uganda

Clinical Teaching of Nurses in Southern Chile Hospitals: Practical Wisdom and Inter subjectivity

Development of a Self-Report Workbook for Identifying Cancer Patients Knowledge Expectations

The Effects of Self-help Manual in Addressing Burnout among Nurse Managers

Comparative Analysis of Surrogacy in the Northeast region of the U.S

The Effectiveness of a Care Transitions and Rapid Response Nurse Intervention at Reducing Readmissions and Emergency Department Use for High Risk Patients

Assessment of the Knowledge and Self-Medication Behaviours towards Antibiotics among Nursing Students at King Saud Bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences, Al Ahsa

Family Harmony: Reconciling Individual and Collective Responsibility in the Care of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus in Korean Middle-Aged Americans

Spontaneous Knotting of a Foley Catheter in the Urinary Bladder: A Case Report

Statistical Validation of the Self-Harm Antipathy Scale-Japanese Version (SHAS-J)

Indicators of the Process of Transition to the Exercise of Family Caregivers of Elderly with Parkinson's Disease: A Qualitative Study

Structured Clinical Teaching Initiatives: A Preparation for First Year Nursing Students as First Timer in the Clinical Placement

The Relationship between the Contact Styles and Self-Esteem of the People with Obesity

Prevalence of Violence in Nursing in the Czech Republic

Health Care for Elderly People in Rural Japan: Review of Issues and Analysis

A Comparative Study Analyzing Differences in Factors Related To Childbirth Satisfaction between Primiparous and Multiparous Mothers

Intention to Stay in Nursing Profession and Its Predictors among Nurses Working in Jimma Zone Public Hospitals, South West Ethiopia

Knowledge Translation Plan to Diffuse, Disseminate and Apply Evidence on Children Exposed to Intimate Partner Violence

When Technology Exceeds Our Humanity

Interprofessional Collaboration between Physical Therapist and Nursing Students Using an Acute-Care Simulation: A Pilot Study

Specialised Nursing-based Transitional Care in Elderly Patients with Chronic Diseases

Nurses Perception toward Using a New Eight Vital Signs Chart at ICUs

Knowledge and Practice of Essential Newborn Care and Associated Factors among Nurses and Midwives Working at Health Centers in Jimma Zone, Ethiopia, 2016

Reflection on Transitioning the Therapeutic Relationship from the Bedside to the Telephone

Effect of Nursing Intervention Program on Nurses Knowledge, Practices and Patients Outcomes with Bronchial Asthma

Prevalence and Determinants of Institutional Delivery Service Uptake among Women in Farta District, Northwest Ethiopia

Burnout among Critical Care Nurses in King Saud Medical City (KSMC)

The Fairy Tale as a Time Machine in Palliative Care

Association between Prehospital Delay Status and Stroke Severity in Acute Ischemic Stroke: Shift-Analysis Approach

Nurses' Experiences Providing Care for People with Dementia: An Integrative Literature Review

Magnitude of Post Caesarean Section Surgical Site Infection and its Associated Factors among Mothers who Underwent Caesarean Section in Mizan Tepi University Teaching Hospital, South West Ethiopia, 2017

Tolerated and Unchallenged: Workplace Oppression among Nurses

Effective Communication between Nurses and Doctors: Barriers as Perceived by Nurses

A Follow up Study: New Nurse Graduates' Performance Evaluation in a Familiarized Nursing Environment when "Everything is New to Everyone"

Assessment of Sexual Abuse and Associated Factors Among Adolescents in High Schools, Nekemte Town, East Wollega Zone, Oromia Regional State, Western Ethiopia, 2017

Increasing Stroke Recognition and Behavioral Intent to Call Emergency Management Services in a Vietnamese American Population

Effects of Comprehensive Care to the Psychological Status and the Eyesight Recovery of the Patients with Vitrectomy

Understanding Patient Reluctance to the Remote Monitoring of Cardiac Implantable Electronic Devices

The Association between Dietary Diversity with Shift Work among the Nurses

A Call to Incorporate Child Rights and the Plight of Child Carers into the Nursing Undergraduate Curriculum and Why

A Study to Assess the Effect of Planned Teaching Program on Knowledge Regarding Interpretation of Cardiac Arrhythmias and its Management among Staff Nurses in Selected Hospitals of Pune City

Workplace Violence, Anxiety and Self-Esteem in Nursing Staff of Primary, Emergency and Intensive Care Units on the Island of Crete

Evaluation of Clinical Learning Experience on Concept Mapping for Final Year Nursing Students in a Private Hospital

Psychosocial Factors Associated with Hospital-to-Home Transitions of Older People: A Review

Patient's Perception towards Quality of Nursing Care in Inpatient Department at Public Hospitals of Benishangul Gumuz Regional State, North West Ethiopia

Assessment of the“Post-Acute Care Discharge Scores”(PACD) [Translated from the Original Article in German Published in Pflegewissenschaft 2015; 11: 582-95]

Transitional Care for Seniors: What do Care Partners and Seniors Really Experience?

Outcomes of Thai Emergency Department Patients with Non-traumatic Hypotension

Knowledge on Handling of HIV and HBV Patients and Occupational Post-Exposure Prophylaxis against HIV and HBV: Effectiveness of Training Programme for Nurses

Nursing Education and its Cultural Congruency in the Sultanate of Oman: Case Study

Dynamics of Nigeria Basic Nursing Students Academic Performance in Weeding Examination

The Correlation between Dysphagia with Serum Albumin Level and Activities of Daily Living Improvement among Stroke Rehabilitation Patients: A Retrospective Study

Knowledge and Practice of Nurses Regarding CPR in Private Tertiary Care Hospital Peshawar, KP, Pakistan

Efficacy of Nurses Led Insulin Protocol to Control Blood Glucose among Critically Ill Patients

Assessment of Baseline anxiety and Effect of Nursing Intervention on Post-Operative Anxiety among Surgical Patients of Obafemi Awolowo University Teaching Hospitals Complex, Ile Ife, Nigeria

CHAT Communication Guide: Transitions between Patient Care Areas and Diagnostic Units

Review of the Clinical Decision-Making Skills in Undergraduate Nursing Students

Role of Nurses in Nutrition Care in Hospitals in Srinagar City (Jammu and Kashmir, India)

Assessment of Anxiety and Depression among Heart Failure Patients at King Faisal Cardiac Center, King Khalid Hospital, Jeddah

Revealing the Conceptual Definition of Frailty: A Qualitative Study

To Be Safe at Home or at Hospital After Autologous Stem Cell Transplantation - Why Readmission to Hospital

Treatment Outcomes and Associated Factors of Preterm Birth of Neonates Admitted in Intensive Care Unit of Dessie Referral Hospital, North Central Ethiopia

Assessment Levels of Some Electrolytes in Hypothyroidism Patients

Knowledge and Attitude of Nurses towards Palliative Care in Government Hospitals of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Problem-Based Learning (PBL) Versus Lecture based Learning (LBL): Effect on the Development of Critical Thinking, Problem Solving and Self Directive Learning Skills in Nursing Students

Stress among Nursing Staff in Hospitals and its Relation with Job Satisfaction, Job Performance and Quality of Nursing Care: A Literature Review

Diversification of Patient Satisfaction with Nursing Care at Night

Analysis of the Implementation and Systematization of a Nursing Office in a Specialized Lithotripsy and Endourology Unit Following the Lean Healthcare Methodology

It’s all about the Brown Stuff

Psychological Fidelity: Nurses and Nursing for Terminally Ill Cancer Affected Individuals

Patient Compliance toward Medication and Life Style Change after Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting in Ahmed Gassim Hospita Khartuom Locality – Sudan 2018

Barriers of Implementing Evidence-Based Practice in Nursing Profession: A Literature Review

The Effects of Self-Management in COPD Patients at Community Healthcare Centers: A Randomized Controlled Trial

Process in which Fathers of Home-Cared Children Acquire Medical Care Nursing Technique

A Pilot Study to Test Feasibility the Effect Structured Education Program in Patients with Diabetes Kidney Disease

World Nursing Congress 2020 scheduled at Tokyo, Japan during May 13-14, 2020

Editor Note for Journal of Nursing & Care

Assessment of Test Anxiety, Student Preferences and Performance on Different Examination Models in Umm AlQura University, Saudi Arabia

Improving Health Care Workers Compliance with Traceability by Recording the Nursing Process at the Point of Care Using a Personal Digital Assistant with a Barcode

Relationship between Pediatric Nurses’ Professional Values and their Attitudes towards Patient Safety

Current Aspects of Patient and Nursing Professional Safety in the Face of Pandemic - COVID-19

Academization of Nursing and Its Possible Consequences for Hospital Management in Germany

Nature or Nurture: The Relationship between Self-Care, Personality Traits, and Burnout in Critical Care Healthcare Professionals

Study on Knowledge and Compliance of Standard Precautions among Intensive Care Units Nurses in Shaanxi Province, China

Past Conference Editorial of Euro Nursing 2020

Vital signs, the magic key in preventing hospitalization and death of older adults living in nursing homes?

Using interdisciplinary teaching to illustrate the relationship between nursing specialties & statistics

Exploring the caring incorporating yoga program in promoting physical recovery of stroke patients in acute phase

Qualitative & quantitative analyses of nursing panel teaching strategy for non-nursing courses

Perceived social support and self-care in hospitalized heart failure patients

Falls as an extraordinary event in health care facilities

XdropTM - Targeted sequencing enabled into the dark and unknown

Validation of tool for evaluating the quality of working life - ProQOL â?? for use in an international descriptive study of post-communist countries in Central Europe

Drug compliance and psychiatric patients

The prevalence of high blood pressure in Armenians

Investigation and Analysis of the Transitional Care Needs of Patients Following Hospital Discharge

Factors affecting Quality of Life among Elderly People aged 60 to 75 years in Islamabad

Editorial Note for Journal of Nursing & Care

Euro Nursing 2018: Small geographic nursing teams improve teamwork and patient outcomes - Cathy Rodgers Ward, UCLA Medical Center, USA

Euro Nursing 2018: Findings from a decade of research on the lower urinary tract symptom experience in men with Parkinson's disease and their spouse caregivers - Joanne P Robinson, Rutgers University, USA

Euro Nursing 2018: Building Capacity for Evidence-Based Practice: Understanding How Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) Source Knowledge - Leah Adeline Phillips, College of Licensed Practical Nurses of Alberta, Canada

Euro Nursing 2018: Dual Degrees and International Collaborations: Best Practices - Marie T O'Toole, Rutgers University-Camden Nursing and Science Building, USA

NaProTechnology: Healthcare women really need

HEV induced encephalopathy during pregnancy- Life threatening condition

Preimplantation genetic testing for aneuploidy: New improvements with noninvasive liquid biopsy technique

Editorial Note Journal of Nursing & Care

The importance of blood management in childbearing age women

Enhancing health care providers learning of diversity and intimate partner violence through simulation: Nursing students ability to identify victims of violence in the transgender population

Bedbath in Intensive Care Unit: Implications to nursing care

Innovation in Nursing Leadership: Individual Accountability of the Nurse as a Sustainable Approach to Quality Outcomes

Bringing students together with Inter-Professional Learning (IPL)

Being Best a Nursing Student Can Be, Continuous Self-Improvement, & Linear Regression Analyses

Relationship between Self-Care, Personality Traits, and Burnout in Healthcare Professionals

Patient and Nursing Professional Safety in the Face of Pandemic - COVID-19

Study on Knowledge and Compliance of Standard Precautions among Intensive Care Units

Pediatric Nursesâ?? Professional Values and their Attitudes towards Patient Safety

Qualitative & quantitative analyses of nursing panel teaching strategy

Neonatal Nurses�?? Perceived Barriers to the Provision of Developmental Care in Neonatal Intensive Care Units of Selected Hospitals in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

12-Hour Shift, Beneficial or Harmful

Factors Affecting Nursing Ethics in Nursing Practice at University Hospitals of Tigray, Ethiopia, 2019: A Qualitative Research Study

Covid-19, our Elderly and their Careers: the way forward

Instructional alignment to learning experience of nursing students through understanding variations in learning styles

Transitional care model of patients with Myocardial Infarction

Appreciative education to enhance quality outputs through assessment and feedback practices

The contributions of undergraduate nursing education in developing assertive communication behaviours among Saudi newly-graduated nurses: Qualitative findings

Intensive Care Unit Nursesâ?? Knowledge, and Practice towards Parenteral Nutrition Support: Multi-Center Cross-Sectional Study

Impact of Covid-19: Nursing Perspective and Concern

A Qualitative Study of Nursing Studentsâ?? opinions of Educational climate in Governmental Universities of Southwest Ethiopia

A Descriptive Cross-Sectional Study On Knowledge,Attitude and Practices Regarding Needle Stick Injuries Among Staff Nurses of Kles

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