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Volume 6, Issue 5 (2021)

    Case Report Pages: 1 - 4

    Pathological Impulsivity of a Homicidal Juvenile with Severe and Borderline Intellectual Functioning

    Bernat N Tiffon* and Jorge González-Fernández

    A unique case of the psychological profile of a child under 14 years of age is reported who, comorbidly affected by Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) with borderline intellectual disorder (borderline) perpetrates the murder of another minor of the same age due to low tolerance to psycho-emotional frustration

    Case Report Pages: 1 - 3

    A Case of Neonaticide with Homicidal Defenestration of the Minor

    Bernat-N Tiffon* and Jorge González-Fernández

    A case of notorious uniqueness of neonaticide is related, illustrating the psychological profile of a young mother who, at the same moment of breaking water and giving birth to a female baby, throws it into the void from the window of the bathroom of her home when he was only a few minutes old.

    Editorial Pages: 1 - 1

    Medicolegal post-mortem Examination

    Satomi Mizuno*

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    Opinion Pages: 1 - 1

    Early Utilization of DNA Fingerprinting

    Michael A. Freitas

    DNA fingerprinting, likewise called DNA composing, DNA profiling, hereditary fingerprinting, genotyping, or character testing, in hereditary qualities, strategy for detaching and distinguishing variable components inside the base-pair grouping of DNA deoxyribonucleic corrosive. The procedure was created in 1984 by British geneticist Alec Jeffrey's, after he saw that specific groupings of profoundly factor DNA known as minisatellites, which don't add to the elements of qualities, are rehashed inside qualities.

    Volume 6, Issue 4 (2021)

      Editorial Pages: 1 - 1

      The Investigation of Pathology

      Kipar A*

      Pathology is the investigation of the circumstances and end results of sickness or injury. The word pathology likewise alludes to the investigation of infection as a general rule, fusing a wide scope of science research fields and clinical practices. In any case, when utilized with regards to current clinical therapy, the term is regularly utilized in a more thin style to allude to cycles

      Editorial Pages: 1 - 1

      Phonological and Orthographic Adjustments between a Base Word

      Nicolás Ubero Pascal*

      In semantics, morphology is the investigation of words, how they are shaped, and their relationship to different words in the equivalent language. It examines the design of words and portions of words like stems, root words, prefixes, and additions.

      Editorial Pages: 1 - 1

      Post-mortems are performed to legitimate or clinical purposes

      Lene Hoffmann Träger*

      The expression "post-mortem" gets from the Ancient Greek αὐτοψία autopsia, "to see with one's own eyes", got from αὐτÏ?ς (cars, "oneself") and á½?ψις (opsis, "sight, view")."post-mortem" has been utilized since around the seventeenth century, it alludes to the assessment of inside the dead human body to find infections and reason for death.

      Editorial Pages: 1 - 1

      The Vulnerabilities Related with Bloodstain Design Investigation are Colossal

      Yarin A L*

      Bloodstain Pattern Analysis (BPA) is the field of legal science that comprises of the investigation and examination of bloodstains at a known or associated crime location with the reason with making inferences about the nature, timing and different subtleties of the crime

      Editorial Pages: 1 - 1

      Function of the Medical Examiner

      Michele Heisler*

      The clinical analyst is an appointed official in some American jurisdictions who is prepared in pathology that explores passing’s that happen under uncommon or dubious conditions, to perform after death assessments, and in certain wards to start inquests

      Volume 8, Issue 1 (2023)

        Research Pages: 1 - 4

        Sex Determination by Analysis of Patella Measurements in New Delhi Population

        Shrayash Singh, Sunil Kumar Duchania*, Mukta Rani and Sunil Sharma

        DOI: 10.37421/2472-1026.2023.8.187

        In this study the patella bones from both right and left sides were taken out of 60 individuals (30 males and 30 females). Bones were kept in 5% sodium hypochlorite solution for a week for maceration, and then dried and following measurements were taken: Maximum Length, Maximum Width, Maximum Thickness and Lateral Articular Facet Breadth in millimeters, and Weight in grams. Statistical analysis was done using SPSS 27.0. Descriptive statistics were obtained for each measurement. The North Indian population was compared with other populations. In the present study, the mean maximum height of the right side was 37.51 mm+3.17 SD for females and 41.54 mm+2.76 SD for males, while the mean of the left side was 37.91 mm+2.95 SD for females and 42.61 mm+2.97 SD for males. The sexual dimorphism was significant statistically, with a p-value <0.001 for both sides. The projected cut off value on the right side was 39.56 mm with a projected sensitivity of 86.7% and projected specificity of 73.3%, while on the left side cut off value was 38.76 mm with a projected sensitivity of 93.3% and projected specificity of 63.3%. The mean maximum breadth of right side was found to be 37.16 mm+3.07 SD for females and 42.99 mm+2.51 SD for males while the mean maximum breadth of left side was found to be 37.88 mm+2.95 SD for females and 42.61 mm+2.97 SD for males. The sexual dimorphism was found to be significant statistically with a p value <0.001 for both sides. The projected cut off value on right side was 40.48 mm with a projected sensitivity of 90.0% and projected specificity of 96.7% while on left side cut off value was 39.85 mm with a projected sensitivity of 90.0% and projected specificity of 83.3%. In the present study, measurements taken on patella bone showed higher mean values for males as compared with females (p<0.001).

        Expert Review Pages: 1 - 4

        The Legal Procedures and Medico Legal System in India

        Sunil Kumar Duchania* and Mukta Rani

        DOI: 10.37421/2472-1026.2023.8.188

        This article explains the legal procedures and Indian medico legal system being followed in India. Medico legal is the term, which incorporates the basics of two sister professions i.e., medicine and law. Everybody talks about the law but few, aside from lawyers, judges, and law teachers, have more than the vaguest notion of what constitutes law. Those lawyers, who do not constantly deal with medical issues in their legal practice, know extraordinarily little about the medical profession and its problems; physicians frequently comprehend too little about the law and how it affects them in the practice of their profession. Medico legal experts can provide a link between these two professions for their smooth and effective functioning in a scientific manner. This article includes various legal procedures being followed in India and structure of Indian medico legal system. The legal procedures include descriptions of inquest, the criminal courts, court room procedures etc. This article also contains the details of medico legal cases along with procedures to be followed while dealing with such cases.

        Mini Review Pages: 1 - 2

        Methods Used to Estimate the Time of Death

        Andrew Dani*

        DOI: 10.37421/2472-1026.2023.8.189

        An approach frequently used to determine the time of death is Henssge's nomogram. The precision of the resulting time period is, however, impacted by uncertainties that occur from the graphical solution of the original mathematical expression. In comparison to Henssge's nomogram, we provide a more precise and adaptive method for calculating the time of death using existing machine learning techniques/tools including support vector machines (SVMs) and decision trees. The bulk of the tools we chose can estimate the time of death with low error rates even with only 3000 training cases, according to a synthetic data-driven model we developed using Python. The best outcomes for determining the time of death with the lowest error and highest estimated time of death accuracy were from an SVM with a radial basis function (RBF) kernel and AdaBoost+SVR.

        Short Communication Pages: 1 - 2

        Applications and Treatments of Psychological Health and Drugs

        Iyad Saras*

        DOI: 10.37421/2472-1026.2023.8.190

        The sustainability of society can be negatively impacted by mental health problems on both people and communities. The treatment of mental disorders faces a number of difficulties, but it is more crucial to address their underlying causes because doing so can help prevent mental health issues from developing or returning. This necessitates a more comprehensive understanding of mental health issues than what has been found in previous studies. It is important to consider social and environmental aspects while analysing mental health. There is a need for more investigation and education, as well as for root cause-focused solutions. Medication dangers and effectiveness should both be researched. This study suggests a big data and machine learning-based method for automatically identifying mental health-related factors from Twitter data. 52 parameters in total were found for the three views. To combine relevant parameters, we established six macro-parameters. We give a thorough description of mental health, including its causes, medications and therapies, effects of drugs on the brain, and drug abuse, as discussed by the general people and medical professionals on Twitter. Additionally, we pinpoint their connections to other medicines. The research will pave the way for new methods of identifying drug addiction and use in relation to mental health on social media, as well as other micro- and macro-factors. The approach can be applied to different illnesses and offers the chance to find forensic toxicological evidence from social and digital media.

        Case Report Pages: 1 - 2

        Case Report on Attack of Gastrointestinal Tracts of Children

        Barry Adam*

        DOI: 10.37421/2472-1026.2023.8.191

        Enterobius vermicularis is a threadlike parasite commonly referred to as "pinworms." It is the most common helminth infection, affecting children's gastrointestinal tracts worldwide, albeit it seldom causes mortality. Infections with Enterobius vermicularis are typically asymptomatic and cause solely anal pruritis, with adult pinworms occasionally migrating into the appendix or female genital tract. We present the case of a 15-year-old girl who went to the ER with a high-grade fever, vomiting, and vague abdominal pain that had been persistent for three days. She underwent an emergency ileocecectomy after being diagnosed with acute abdominal pain, but she died the next day. The intraluminal and intramural Enterobius vermicularis discovered during the pathological examination of the ileocecal junction was concluded to be the cause of death in the absence of any other diseases. Death from Enterobius vermicularis is uncommon; however, this case highlights the need of doctors investigating Enterobius vermicularis infections in patients with unexplained severe abdominal discomfort, since it could be a cause of death.

        Volume 5, Issue 1 (2020)

          Editor’s Note Pages: 1 - 1

          Forensic Medicine is Always -Demanded Field for Research

          Pavel Timonov

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          Volume 5, Issue 2 (2020)

            Editorial Pages: 1 - 1



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            Research Article Pages: 1 - 2

            Importance of Medico-Legal Autopsy or Clinical Autopsy In forensic science

            Michael Ferric

            In many natural and unnatural death cases, where the cause of death is not certain whether the death was accidental, homicidal, or suicidal in nature then there we
            need Medical examination i.e. Postmortem examination which become necessary during the crime scene investigation to find the cause and manner of death in
            cases where victim body was found dead. To perform the medico-legal autopsy the medical examiner not need the permission of the deceased family or relatives.
            Manner and cause of death can be described by the various examination findings and investigations results performed under the medical officer.

            Research Article Pages: 1 - 3

            Analysis of asphyxia death due to compression around the neck and significance of cello tape sample

            Sachin Meena K

            This present study was performed on cases of death due to compression of neck by any form like ligature material due to hanging, strangulation etc brought for
            postmortem examination at mortuary of Government Medical College, Kota, Rajasthan, India during period of 1st January 2019 to 31st December 2019. A total of
            1296 postmortem was conducted, out of which 152 were of compression of neck by means of any form. Out of them 143 cases were of hanging, 1 was ligature
            strangulation, 1 was manual strangulation, 1 was of hanging with antemortem injury over body and 6 were under query as sign of asphyxia present over body
            but ligature mark was not clearly visible. We observed that dribbling of saliva present in most cases of hanging but not seen in ligature and manual strangulation
            cases. In query cases we had taken sample of cello tape which was taken on the paper from around the neck for presence of fiber & foreign bodies and its cross
            match with ligature material. The final cause of death was given after receiving of FSL reports.

            Short Communication Pages: 1 - 1

            Validity of Pathologic Comment with Macroscopic and Microscopic Findings of Infant Lung Regarding Live or Still Birth

            Nursen Turan

            Objective: In the case of a newly born infant, either stillborn or found dead, the state of the lungs is of particular forensic
            interest. The aim of this study was to determine whether lungs are adequate for pathological comment about stillbirth or
            live birth of infant.

            Short Communication Pages: 1 - 1

            The Comprehensive Analysis of Traumatic Rib Fractures and their Complications: A Post Mortem Study

            Vijay Kumar AG

            Introduction: Rib fractures are the most common injury sustained following blunt chest trauma, accounting for more
            than half of thoracic injuries from non-penetrating trauma. Approximately 10% of all patients admitted after blunt
            chest trauma have one or more rib fractures. In United States they account for 10% of traumatic injuries and 14% of
            all chest wall injuries. The incidence of flail chest is 10% to 15% of severe chest traumas. Material and Methods: In this
            retrospective study, fatal cases of thoracic trauma autopsied during the period 1st January 2009 to 31st December 2010
            were analyzed at the Department of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology, Adichunchanagiri Institute of Medical Sciences,
            Mandya District, and Karnataka, India. Results: In the present study, 31.3% of victims belong to the 3rd decade of life.
            Women were less involved than men with ratio of 1: 1.5. The mortality rate was 20.18%. The victims in most of the cases
            sustained non displaced rib fractures followed by displaced fractures. 5th rib fracture were seen in eight cases followed
            by 4th and 6th ribs fracture were seen in seven cases.

            Short Communication Pages: 1 - 1

            Issues on Methods of Identification in Court Ordered Paternity Testing ??The Case of Portugal

            Helena Machado

            Official technical and scientific recommendations on standard procedures and quality control in the field of testing of paternity do
            not cover issues relating to methods of subjects’ identification in the processing of paternity investigations that are compulsory for
            the individuals – parental testing ordered by courts. The aim of this paper is to explore the main issues posed to forensic laboratories
            when collecting samples for court ordered paternity investigation and therefore contribute to the ongoing debate on social and ethical
            implications of parental testing and open up new dimensions of this practice.

            Volume 6, Issue 2 (2021)

              Commentary Pages: 1 - 1

              DNA Fingerprinting

              F. Curtis Hewitt

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              Commentary Pages: 1 - 1

              Drug Delivery

              H. Namazi

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              DNA Typing

              D. Formanova

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              DNA Polymorphisms

              Jolanta Marciniuk

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              Sexual Assault

              Jamison D.

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              Volume 6, Issue 3 (2021)

                Case Series Pages: 1 - 5

                Criminal and Forensic Psychology of a Case of Filicide by Decapitation of a Minor

                Dr. Bernat-N Tiffon

                The present article examines in depth a practical case of murder of an 18-month-old minor perpetrated by her own parent (filicide). The singularity of the casuistry not only lies in the criminological impact of the murder itself, but also pivots on the mental state of the perpetrator and whose sentence (consult) -based on the Mental Health professionals of the public sector, as well as the Forensic Doctors and other circumstances surrounding the casuistry- not appreciate Modifying Circumstances Of Criminal Responsibility (MCCR) based on the existence of psychic alteration. On the other hand, the Experts (private) maintained their professional evaluation during the plenary session, according to which the offender presented a mental disorder based on a psychotic disorder (brief, acute and transitory), according to the clinical documentation on hand closest to the facts of the case and the testimony of the witnesses. With the majority of the article available, the article analyzes the behavior of the convicted party and compares it with the hypothesis of the defense experts, in relation to the lucid intervals that may be manifested by psychotic and/or schizophrenic disorders under the harmful influence of mental dysfunction (a circumstance which, the same Experts informed of in the actual plenary act).

                Commentary Pages: 1 - 1

                Clinicopathological Dying of COVID-19

                Sebastian Lucas

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                Commentary Pages: 1 - 1

                Consequences of Child Abuse and Neglect

                Charles B. Nemeroff

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                Commentary Pages: 1 - 1

                Forensic Human Identification

                Sathya B

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                Veterinary Forensics Advances

                Cristina Cattaneo

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