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Volume 9, Issue 1 (2021)

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    Advancement in Globalization

    Marconi Laco

    Economic globalization is one of the three primary components of globalization usually found in scholastic writing, with the two others being political globalization and social globalization, just as the overall term of globalization. Monetary globalization alludes to the inescapable worldwide development of products, capital, administrations, innovation and data. It is the expanding financial joining and relationship of public, provincial, and neighborhood economies across the world through an escalation of cross-line development of products, administrations, advances and capital. Financial globalization basically involves the globalization of creation, money, markets, innovation, hierarchical systems, organizations, partnerships, and work.

    Review Article Pages: 1 - 2

    Co2 Emissions and Income Distributiony

    Luis A Gil-Alana

    In this paper we examine CO2 emissions since 1960 with data disaggregated by levels of income. Higher levels of persistence are observed in high income countries and some degrees of mean reversion, thus implying transitory shocks are observed in the lower middle and low income countries. Policy implications are derived from the results obtained.

    Commentary Pages: 1 - 2

    Financial Development and Destitution Decrease in Globalization

    Marconi Laco

    Monetary development quickened and destitution declined worldwide after the speeding up of globalization. Per capita GDP development in the post-1980 globalizers quickened from 1.4 percent a year during the 1960s and 2.9 percent a year during the 1970s to 3.5 percent during the 1980s and 5.0 percent during the 1990s. This increasing speed in development is significantly more surprising given that the rich nations saw consistent decreases in development from a high of 4.7 percent during the 1960s to 2.2 percent during the 1990s. Likewise, the non-globalizing agricultural nations did a lot of more awful than the globalizers, with the previous' yearly development rates tumbling from highs of 3.3 percent during the 1970s to just 1.4 percent during the 1990s.

    Research Article Pages: 1 - 6

    Determinants of Sesame Commercialization among Smallholder Farms: The Case of Melokoza and Basketo Districts, Southern Ethiopia

    Endrias Oyka

    This study investigated determinants of sesame commercialization among smallholder farms, the case of Melokoza and Basketo special woredas, Southern Ethiopia. For this study cross sectional data was collected from 184 randomly selected smallholder farm households in the district. The survey data was analyzed using descriptive statistics and double-hurdle model. From the descriptive statistics it was found that the level of commercialization of sesame in the district was 79%, which by far above the national commercialization average (35%). Results of the double-hurdle model analysis showed that in the first hurdle (probit regression), educational status of the household head, farm size, farming experiences, distance to nearest market, family labour force, tropical livestock and availability of cooperative played positive and significant role in households’ decision to participate in sesame output market; whereas, amount of credit received, number of extension visit and off-farm activities played negatively and significantly role in households’ decision to participate in sesame output market. In the second hurdle(truncated regression);education, volume of sesame production, use of agricultural technologies and tropical livestock have positive and significant influence in the level of sesame sold; whereas farm size and family labour force  do negatively and significantly.

    Research Article Pages: 1 - 6

    Belt and Road Initiative: A Concise Overview

    Deepraj Mukherjee

    Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) is a six–corridor trade initiative led primarily by China that would connect China through Asia to Europe, including Africa. The impressive rise of China as a significant economic and political power indicates a multipolar world where trade initiatives are not primarily driven by the traditional West. Whether BRI is China’s grand strategy or is it a geopolitical trade route that will genuinely allow regional integration dynamics, promote equality, and will elevate it to be considered as the contemporary version of the ancient silk route? These are the pertinent questions and should instigate enough interest among the academicians in the next few years. The article uses international trade theory to highlight how businesses would be benefited if the initiative becomes successful in bringing the countries under one trade network. It particularly stresses the importance of how this proposed model of economic integration can alleviate the regional inequality that currently exists. The paper further adds a cautionary note and draws the attention of the readers to the geopolitical anxieties and skepticism that are currently directed towards this initiative.

    Volume 9, Issue 2 (2021)

      Perspective Pages: 1 - 3

      Ideal Money Territory Expanding Monetary Proficiency in Geological

      Jhon Andrive

      In financial matters, an ideal money territory or ideal cash locale is a geological area where it would expand monetary proficiency to have the whole district share solitary cash. The hidden hypothesis depicts the ideal attributes for the consolidation of monetary forms or the making of cash. The hypothesis is utilized frequently to contend whether a specific district is prepared to turn into a cash association, one of the last stages in financial incorporation. 

      Review Article Pages: 1 - 5

      The Factors??? Contribution in the Start-Up Process and Success of Tunisian Cyber Entreprises

      Jihen Hamdani

      The present study focuses on the relationships between entrepreneurial characteristics (Training, success-oriented trend, control locus), Strategic and managerial factors (E.networking, Business model, Management team), Service-quality related (reliability, responsiveness, Site quality), and the success of e-commerce entrepreneurs. An exploratory study has been conducted through semi-structured interviews. The reached results reveal that the factors’, in their entirety, appear to enhance well the studied net-entrepreneurs and explain the success level of the Tunisian cyberentreprises.

      Editorial Pages: 1 - 2

      Worldwide Development and Monetary Security in Global Exchange

      Laxmi Patro

      Global exchange is the trading of capital, merchandise, and administrations across worldwide lines or territories in light of the fact that there is a need or need of products or services. In many nations, such exchange addresses a huge portion of (GDP). While global exchange has existed from the beginning of time (for instance Uttarapatha, Silk Road, Amber Road, scramble for Africa, Atlantic slave exchange, salt streets), its monetary, social. Completing exchange at a worldwide level is a mind boggling measure when contrasted with homegrown exchange.

      To smoothen and legitimize the cycle of exchange between nations of various financial standing, some global monetary associations were framed, for example, the World Trade Organization. These associations run after the assistance and development of worldwide exchange. Factual administrations of intergovernmental and supranational associations and public measurable organizations distribute official measurements on worldwide exchange.

      Commentary Pages: 1 - 3

      Worldwide Promoting in Economics

      Denis Rechod

      Worldwide promoting can be characterized as "advertising on an overall scale accommodating or taking worldwide operational contrasts, similitudes and openings to arrive at worldwide goals". Worldwide promoting is likewise a field of study by and large business the executives that markets items, arrangements and administrations to clients locally, broadly, and globally.

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