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Below are the list of articles published in Journal of Global Economics that have been cited by eminent researchers all around the world.

Five Policy Options in Face of Euro Crisis

Migration and Fertility: A Review of Theories and Evidences

Are Taxes Converging in Europe? Trends and Some Insights into the Effect of Economic Crisis

Evaluation of Micro Finance in Harda and Hoshangabad Districts of MP

Economic Growth and Income Convergence in Transition: Evidence from Central Europe

Globalization, New International Political Economy and Global Economics

Optimal Fiscal Equalization under Asymmetric Information

Overwork and Adverse Effects on Health

Growth and Instability of Onion Production in Maharashtra, India

Knowledge, Opinions and attitudes towards HIV and AIDS among Youth in Botswana

Lessons on Gender Responsive Governance Gleaned From the Nature and Focus of a University Community Extension Program

Exchange Rate and Central Bank Intervention

Exchange Rate Expectations, Unbiasedness and Central Bank Intervention: The Experience of the Southern Cone

Environmental Pressure and Armed Conflict - Is there an Empirical Kuznets Curve for Myanmar?

Regional Capital Mobility within Bulgaria

Patterns of Economic Development in the World

A Review on Economical Health and its Outputs

The Arab Uprising and the Future of the Region

Timely Economy Evolution via Moral Science Edification

Egypt Demographic Trends and Socio-Economic Implications

Accounting Theories, Financialization Process and Neoliberalism

Asymmetry Index of Stock Price Fluctuations

Military Burden and Economic Growth: Evidence from a Multivariate Cointegration Analysis

A Recipe for Promoting Economic Growth and Higher Living Standards in the 21st Century

Green Economy through Edification: Quality Life through Arts

Inter State Disparities in India: Linkages between Human Development and Economic Indicators.

The New European Audit Firm Rotation

The Effect of Government Expenditure on Private Consumption: Evidence from China

Anthropometric and Somatotyping Study among the Female Kho-Kho Players of Pondicherry: A Comparative Analysis

About International Tax Competition

Strategic Integration between U.S. Airways and Iberia in One World

Boosting National Economy by Challenging International Education

A Study on Consumer Behavior towards Fmcg Products among the Rural- Suburban Hhs of Ernakulam

Useful Trends of German Current Value Accounting?

The Intervention and Regulation of Pornography: Internal Punishment,Negative Externality, and Legal Paternalism

Modelling the Relationship between Performance Appraisal and Organizational Productivity in Nigerian Public Sector

The Study on Relationship Verification of e-wom and Hotel Operation Performance by Data Mining Technique

Application of Grey Theory to the Field of Economic Forecasting

A Bounds Test Analysis of Electricity Consumption and Economic Growth Nexus in Nigeria

Use of Social Networks of Lab Genomma as Important Key to Growth

Analysis of Cemex’s Strategies as Determinants for Market Power

Real Development Index

The Impact of Global Oil Prices on the Israel’s GDP Per Capita: An Empirical Analysis

Economic Effects of Student Dropouts: A Comparative Study

Major Agricultural Trade Volume in Ethiopia: Trade Balance and Exchange Rate Relations a Structural Break Analysis (Using Stability Chow Test, CUSUM and CUSUM Squared Residuals)

Household Savings and Women’s Bargaining Power in Ghana

Enterprise Interoperability for Global Collaborative Networks through Cloud Knowledge-Oriented Collaboration System

Horizontal versus Vertical R&D Spillovers and Trade Flows in Differentiated Products in the Case of Tunisia

A Contrasting Evaluation of Consumer Purchase Attitude-Behavior of Urban-Rural Working Women Consumers Towards White-Brown Durables, a Study With Specific Relevance to Kochi, Kerala

Foreign Direct Investment, Business Environment and Economic Growth in Sub-Saharan Africa: Pooled Mean Group Technique

An Epistemological and Pattern Analysis of Empirical Data that Influences Emergency Loan Need Among Graduate Students

Analyzing the Competitiveness of the Greek Sea Bream Exports in the European Union Market

S-Shaped Utility Explains the Subprime Crash

Institutional Development, Governance, and Ethnic Politics in South Sudan

Founding Economy on Quality Science Assessment Edification: The Ultimate Brain Power

Leading Edges of Economy-Building Science Education

Acquisition of Mexican SMEs, its Impact on Organizational Culture and Structure: The Case of Glass and Plastic Mxico

Technological Environment and Some Selected Manufacturing Industry in Enugu State, Nigeria

Integrated Water Resources Management of Maetang Sub Watershed, Chiang Mai Province

Have We Learned from Previous Stock Meltdowns?

Application of the Industry-based Theory the Case of Mexican Company CEMEX

The Clusters and Special Economic Zone: The Improvement in the Development of the Region

Cultural Pluralism: Critique and Application to the Study and Analysis of Nigerian Government and Politics

Recent Financial Crisis and International Politics: An Analysis of Efforts to Save US Economy at the Cost of Developing Economies

Economic Growth: Education vs. Research

Strategies for the Adoption of E-commerce

Comparison of Readiness for Telecommunication of Thailand and other Countries in AEC

GST Goods and Services Tax in India

An Interest Rate Commission Agent Banking System

Fiscal Policy Measures and Balance of Payments in Nigeria

Challenges and Opportunities of Women Political Participation in Ethiopia

Social Networks and the Buying Behavior of the Consumer

Disruptive Technologies and Networking in Telecom Industries

Economic Efficiency of Banana Production under Contract Farming in Sindh Pakistan

Basel Accords on Risk Management: A Survey of Kenya s Commercial Banks

The Perception of Entrepreneurs towards Operational Performance of Industrial Estates in Southern Districts of Tamilnadu - A Study

Social Contracts, Free Riders and Utilities

What Factors Determines the FDI Net Flows in Africa? GMM and PMG Techniques

Trade Measures of OECD Countries and the Decline in Exports of African Countries: Is Murky Protectionism Responsible?

Does XBRL Adoption Imporve Information Asymmetry? Evidence from Taiwan Public Companies

Why Manufacturers are Less Powerful than Retailers in Trade Circles? A Case Study of Wal-Mart Retailing Business

Forecasting National Well-being Indicators of Taiwan

World Governance and the G-twenty: An Alternative Design

Factors Influencing the Participation in Defined Contribution Pension Scheme by the Urban Unorganized Sector in India

Forecasting of Taiwan’s Gross Domestic Product using the Novel Nonlinear Grey Bernoulli Model with ANN Error Correction

Private Sector Bank Services in Madurai

Relationship between Perceived and Desired Levels of Service Quality of Private Sector Banks in Madurai

Service Quality Gap in Public Sector Banks in Madurai

Revisiting Armington and AIDS: How Sensitive Simulated Pattern of Trade is to Functional Form Choices?

Environmental Issues Concerning the Economic Development of Tourism in Iraq

Contribution of Agriculture Sector in the GDP Growth Rate of Pakistan

Achieving Sustainable Economic Development in Nigeria through Financial Inclusion in the Agriculture Sector

The Relationship among Export, Import, Capital Formation and Economic Growth in Malaysia

Healthcare in Uttar Pradesh: Special Reference to Comparative Muslim Majority Districts

Are you an Effective Veterinary Administrator?

Break Even Analysis

Flying Geese of Japan: Asian Electronic Industry

Mergers and Acquisitions and Trade Integration: A Spatial and Temporal Study of India

Building Your Practice Team Flag

Migration, Remittances, Trade Openness and Economic Growth in Africa: GMM Technique

Impact Assesment of Nrega Programme: A Comparative Analysis in Two Backward Districts of West Bengal, India

Abuse and Neglect of the CQI Process

Evaluation of Economic Efficiency of using Resource Saving Technologies (Conservation Agriculture) in Irrigated Lands

Your Future Veterinary Practice

Synergy Model

Newly Adopted Corporate Governance Mechanism Impact on the Performance of Public Japanese Overseas Acquirers

The Determinants of the Implementation of ERP according to Management Control System and the Global Performance of the Firm: Case of Tunisia

Investment Bank Reputation and IPO Qualifications

Impact of Extrinsic Rewards on Employees’ Performance

The Secret behind Strategic Information Management over the Success of Agro-Processing and Retail Industries-Case Study Wal-Mart

The Rise of Agri-Business Enterprises Desire towards Market Shares and the Need for Global Strategic Marketing Management

Bioethical Organizational Behavior-A Leadership Mandate

The Role of Tourism on Local Economic Development of Gondar City, Amhara Regional State, Ethiopia

Trade Effects of EMU in Long-run: A Country-level Study

Access is Better than Ask Us

Revisiting Fisher Equation in BRICS Countries

The PPP and Equilibrium Exchange Rate of RMB

The Resilient Leader: Mind, Body and Soul

Educational Institutions and Information Asymmetry Observation in UAE

Global Management is Truly Derived from Economics

Portfolio Management Simulation as a Learning Tool

Dynamics of National Supply to the Maquiladora Industry an Approach from the Perspective of the Resource-Based Theory

The Effect of Electronic Banking in Financial Supply Chain: E-Banking in Eritrea

Size and Development of the Shadow Economies of 157 Worldwide Countries: Updated and New Measures from 1999 to 2013

Brand and Marketing Mix-A Review

Efficiency of Foreign Exchange Markets: The Case of Nigeria

An Empirical Investigation of Performance of Logistics and Economic Growth Nexus in Sub-Saharan Africa: Panel Data Approach

History and Fundaments of Organizational Development

Trade Policy and Long-term Economic Development: Historical Evidence from Australia's Colonies in 19th Century

Methodology and Strategies for Companies in the Process of Internationalization

Developing Export Potential in Kazakhstan: An Overview of Key Theories and Recommendations for Policy Development

Trends, Growth and Changing Patterns of Public Expenditure on Education in India

Impact of Micro-Credit on Economic Empowerment of Women in Madurai, Tamilnadu: A Study

Impact of Emotional Intelligence on People Orientation of Servant Leaders: Capacitive Study of Gender an Evidence from Telecom Sector of Pakistan

Political Corruption is the Despicable Spectrum Responsible for the Economic Downturn in Nigeria: Religious Perspective

Economic Recession, Inflation, Appropriate Pricing and the Need for Price Control in Nigeria

More on the 7 Year Economic Cycle and the Bell Normal Curves

Music Tempo and Manufacturing Efficiency Ratio: An Experimental Research

The Globalization Syndrome in the New Millennium

Empirical Analysis of Determinants of Patient Satisfaction: A Case Study of Primary Health Centres

Capitalism or Socialism? Another Two-Pole Solution

The Q-B Solution

Usage Model Cooperative Learning and Learning Model Jump in Increased Motivation and Learning Outcomes

Women’s Education and Fertility in Sub-Saharan Africa: Channels and Influence of Education on Fertility

Relationship between SHRM and Organizational Performance among Iraqi Oil Companies

Do Political Stability and Democracy Increase National Growth? Evidence from African Countries Using the GMM Method

The Economic Vector Space and the Economic Cycle

Physical Economics and Optimum Population Density

Cusack U.S Economy Equation

Regional Currency and Regional Trade Integration

Exchange Rate Volatility and Non-oil Exports in Nigeria: An Empirical Investigation

Effect of Quality Products, Services and Brand on Customer Satisfaction at McDonald's

Islamic Economics and Modern Economies: Resetting the Research Agenda

Introduction of Reforms

Reviewing MGNREGA: The Cheering Method of Poverty Reduction

An Algorithm for Economics: from GDP to the Consumer

The Reflections of Israeli Siege over Economic and Social Indices on Gaza Strip

Analysing the Short-run and Long-run Relationships between Macroeconomic Variables and Financial Development in Jordan From 1978-2013

Mexico’s Dual Trade With its Two Main Partners: Integration vs. Approximation

Regional Integration and Economic Growth: A Convergence Analysis for Pakistan

Export Performance and Revealed Comparative Advantage of Developing and Developed Economies for Textile Fibers or Fabrics

Microfinace As An Instrument Against Poverty

The Effect of Consumption on Economic Growth in Asia

Economic Challenges and Opportunities after the Revolution in Tunisia: Inflation and Exchange Rate

6 Reasons of the Failure of Reforms in Companies

Infant Mortality Juvenile and Inequality Income in Niger: Evidence for Regional Differences through Two Case Studies

Forest Based Industry in Churachandpur District: From the Entrepreneurial Perspective

Substitution Reduced Health Work Force Syndrome: A Way Forward for Developing Countries

Optimization of the GDP Equation

Financial Literacy of Professional and Pre-Service Teachers in the Philippines

A Study of the Regime Switching in the Relationship between the Tunisian Exchange Rates and the Fundamental Economic Variables: A Further Investigation Using the Threshold Cointegration Theory

Global Happiness: Continental and Cross-Cultural Models Perspective

The Micro-Macro Economic Model: Stiffness and the GDP

Audit Fees for the Segments of Non-Listed Auditees in Slovenia

Global Economy and Human Health

Circular Economy Potential in the Carpet Industry

The Economics of NPA Behaviour in the Global Economy

Effect of Managed Floating Exchange Rate on External Sector of India

New Method of Quantifying Economic Performance

Herding Effects, Over Confidence, Availability Bias and Representativeness as Behavioral Determinants of Perceived Investment Performance: An Empirical Evidence from Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX)

Innovation through Internationalization: A Case Study Analysis of Indian Firms

African Drives in Snowballing Engagement with the Chinese: The Case of Nigeria

Assessing the Link between Petroleum Prices Hikes on Transport Fares in WA Municipality

Economic Recession Coping Strategies in Nigeria: The Case of Rural Dwellers in Moro Local Government Area of Kwara State

Factors Affects Investment Decisions of Enterprises into Vietnam's Economic Zones

Impact of Remittance on Rural Household’s Welfare: Evidence from North Wollo Zone, Gubalafto Woreda in Amhara Regional State, Using IV-Estimation Technique

Bridging the Gap between the World of Learning and Work of Work in the Less Develop Countries of Africa

Public Electricity Power Failure and Household Adjustment Strategies: A Case Study of Urban Households in Uyo

China's Direct Investment Efficiency toward the Countries along the Belt and Road

Dark Matter in the Enterprise

Unconventional and Conventional Oil Production Impacts on Oil Price - Lessons Learnt with Glance to the Future

Impact of Financial Liberalisation on the Financial Development of Eight Countries Member of SADC

The Effect of Capital Structure, GCG, CSR, Firm's Size on Market Value through Earnings Per Share in Banking Sector

The Relationship between Trade Openness and Economic Growth: The Case of BRICS Countries

Economic Growth of ECOWAS Countries and the Validity of Kaldor's First Law

Sectarianism: Economic Impact on Subcontinent (1875-1947)

Main Challenges for Georgia's Social-Economic Policy

The Relation between Inflation and Unemployment in the Gambia: Analysis of the Philips Curve

Entrepreneurial Venture and Economic Development in Cameroon

Tax Loopholes Impact on Canadian Individuals' and Small Business's Behaviour

Influence of Tax Examination to Compulsory Tax Compatibility in the Corporate of South Makassar KPP Pratama

Contagion of Sovereign Debt Crises: The “Financial Crisis” Spill-Over from Greece to Cyprus in 2013. Empirical Evidence and Possible Conclusions

Naira Redenomination: The Nigerian’s Perspective

Roles of Economics Education in Sustainable National Development

Green Economy-Inevitable Economy of the Industrial Revolutionary Period 4.0

Impact of Performance Appraisal, Work Design and Compensation on Employee Performance: A Study of Telecom Sector

A Study on Influence of Domestic Investment on the Economic Growth during 1980-2016

A Time Series Analysis of Structural Break Time in Ethiopian GDP, Export and Import

Guyana should Re-Evaluate its WTO Membership

The Impact of Living on House Rent on Household Welfare a Case of Woreda 08, Yeka Sub-City, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Economic Policies: Is it Effective to Achieve Sustainability? A SVAR Evidence from Algeria

Analysis of the Performance of National Foreign Exchange Bank in Indonesia

Analysing the Impact of Credit on Rural Households’ Income in the Case of Cheliya District, West Shoa Zone, Oromia National Regional State, Ethiopia

The Role of Financial Sector on Economic Growth: Theoretical and Empirical Literature Reviews Analysis

Italy and a Needed Public Investment Boost: The Demand and the Supply Side

Foreign Direct Investment and Economic Growth in Kuwait

Overview of the Japanese Innovation Systems vs. the American Innovation System

The Role of Multinationality and Transfer Pricing on the Effect of Good Corporate Governance (GCG) and Company’s Performance in Tax Avoidance

Analysis of Foreign Direct Investment Policy in India

Israel Geopolitical Impacts on Its Economy

The Future of the Real Estate Industry of Dubai: The Demand for Real Estates (2000-2020)

Effects of the Determinants of Foreign Direct Investment in Nigeria: Error Correction Mechanism

Economic Progress Some Aspects of the Principles of the "Uzbek Model"

Analysis of the Regression and Correlation of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) Exports and Revenue (GDP) of Indonesia against Rupiah Exchange Rate (IDR - USD)

Research on the Influence of Corporate Governance Structure on the Performance of Nepal Commercial Banks

Rationalization Model for Market Economy Improvement in Indonesia

Empirical Analysis on Annual Population Growth: An Econometric Approach

Requirement of Regulations on Micro Finance Institutions - An Experience of Karnataka State, India

Saving Cyprus from its “Financial Crisis” in 2013 by the Troika: A Necessary Action Under the Right Terms and Conditions?

The Market and Government Regulation: The Need for Appropriate Balance for Sustainability

Physical Model of the Economic Development

Quantitative Analysis on Economic and Financial Factors behind International Students Tourism (Study Destination Choice): Evidence of China

Entrepreneurial Orientation and Innovation Performance: The Moderating Role of Competitive Environment

Tourism Impact on Economic Growth: Evidence from Cape Verde

Basics of Economy Wars

Analysis of Information System Quality and User Acceptance on Internet Banking Industry

McDonald's Japan: AR and IoT Marketing Strategy with Pokemon GO

Competitiveness of the Pakistan in Leather Export before and after Financial Crises: A Constant-Market-Share Analysis

Analysis of Structural Breaks in Inflation, Exchange Rate, Interest Rate and Horticultural Exports in Kenya

Analysis on Effect of Volume Factor on CNY-CNH Exchange Rate Linkage

Factors Affecting the Demand and Import of Indonesian Sugar

The Impact of Trade Openness for the Economic Growth of Ethiopia

Factors Affecting Potato Market Outlet Choices of Smallholder Potato Producers in Elfeta District, West Shoa Zone, Oromia Regional State, Ethiopia

The Role of President in Living Systems

Cultural Intelligence: A Review Perspective for Business Administration

Government Spending and Economic Growth: Contemporary Literature Review

Taxation and Economic Growth: Theoretical and Empirical Literature Review

Gaea Company - Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Case Analysis

Impact of Trade Agreements on Intra Industry Trade: A Case of Pakistan

Editor Note Journal of Global Economics

Cointegrating Relationship between Macroeconomic Variables and Stock Market Prices in Nairobi Securities Exchange

Forecasting the Volatility of Coffee Arabica and Crude Oil Prices with a High Frequency Data

The Initial Public Offers Feeding Frenzy

Impact of Globalization and Foreign Direct Investment on Economic growth: Empirical evidences from Pakistan


Assessing the Usage of e-Government Systems in Zambia: A Government Employee Perspective

Covid-19 Global, Pandemic Impact on World Economy

News Sentiments intricacy: Does News Sentiments Impact Forex Market: An Event Study approach in perspective of Pakistan

Determinant factors of Food security among Households in Northern Ethiopia: An Application of Binary Logistic Regression Model

The Rising Flow of FDI in Ethiopia: A Critical Perspective on the Textile and Apparel Industry

Political Economy as "An Investigation into the Nature and Reasons for the Abundance of Countries"

Determinants of Agricultural Output in Doba Woreda, Oromia National Regional State, Ethiopia

Post-Colonial Perspective on the Discourse of ‘Normative power Europe’ In the African-EU Relations

Impact of Fuel Price Control Policy in Mozambique from 2015 to 2019

Advancement in Globalization

Co2 Emissions and Income Distributiony

Financial Development and Destitution Decrease in Globalization

Determinants of Sesame Commercialization among Smallholder Farms: The Case of Melokoza and Basketo Districts, Southern Ethiopia

Factors Affecting the Entrepreneurial Dynamics

The Factors’ Contribution in the Start- Up Process and Success of Tunisian Cyber Entreprises

Worldwide Development and Monetary Security in Global Exchange

Worldwide Promoting in Economics

Ideal Money Territory Expanding Monetary Proficiency in Geological

Structural Breaks in Consumption of Tobacco in Kenya

The Next Great Collapse 2020-2022

The COVID-19 Pandemic Impact on Global Economy

Trading Execution Estimation and Executing Systems

Exchanging Methodology and Kinds of Exchanging Systems

Financial Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic

Government Assistance Financial and its Approaches

Farming Financial Matters and Improvement

Wellbeing Financial Aspects and its Innovation Evaluation

An Analysis of Patterns of World Economy: Consumption and Economic Growth

Predominance of Intra-industry Trade between Similar Economies

Worldwide Business Cycle Synchronization

The Prevalence of Work-Family Conflict on Dual-Earner Couple's Subjective Well-Being

Worldwide Business Strategies for Responding to Cultural Differences

Worldwide Reconciliation Systems of Little and Medium Multinationals: Evidence from Taiwan

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