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Below are the list of articles published in Journal of Global Economics that have been cited by eminent researchers all around the world.

Shabbir MS, Rehman AK (2016) The Impact of Financial Crises and Economic Growth of East Asian Countries. Journal of Internet Banking and Commerce, 21: 1.

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MA Koondhar, L Qiu, H Magsi, AA Chandio (2016) Comparing economic efficiency of wheat productivity in different cropping systems of Sindh Province, Pakistan.

Bakari S, Mabrouki M (2016) La Relation entre la Croissance Economique, les Exportations et les Importations en Maroc: Une Validation Empirique Basée sur des Techniques de Modélisation VAR et de Causalité au Sens de Granger.MPRA.

Bakari S (2016) Openness Can Be Good For Growth New Evidence On Panama: 1980-2015.MPRA

Bakari S (2016) Impact of Exports and Imports on Economic Growth in Canada: Empirical Analysis Based on Causalit. MPRA

Bakari S, Mabrouki M (2016) The Relationship among Exports, Imports and Economic Growth in Turkey.MPRA

Achilov N (2016) Developing Export Potential in Kazakhstan: An Overview of Key Theories and Recommendations for Policy Development. Journal of Global Economics 4: 1-3.

Bakari S (2016) The relationship between Export, Import, Domestic Investment and Economic Growth in Egypt: Empirical Analysis.

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