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Zhao Min

Zhao Min

Zhao Min
Professor, Department of Ophthalmology
University of Aberdeen, Regenerative Medicine at School of Medical Science, Scotland, UK


Professor Zhao graduated from the 3rd Military Medical University in Chongqing in 1985. After completion of PhD training under the supervision of Professor Zhengguo Wang in 1991, he worked on trauma research at the Research Institute of Surgery. In 1994 he joined Dr Geff Burnstock in 1994 at University College, London. He then moved to the University of Aberdeen as a research fellow. He won a Wellcome Trust University Award Lectureship in 1999, a Wellcome Trust University Award Senior Lectureship in 2002, in 2004 he was promoted to a full Professor in Biomedical Science and Regenerative Medicine. His group discovered that PI3 kinase/Pten molecules are key elements in the electric signaling Nature 2006; 442, 457460. In 2007, he moved to UC Davis and is currently a Professor of Dermatology and ophthalmology and he also holds a joint appointment with Center for Neuroscience and Institute for Regenerative Cures. Dr. Min Zhao is an honorary professor at the University of Aberdeen,and University of Cardiff.

Research Interest

Directing cell and tissue growth in healing and regeneration. Engineering directed cell motility and directed cell division, the role played by small physiological electrical fields in wound healing, the development and regeneration of many tissues.

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