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Zakia A M Ahmed

Zakia A M Ahmed

Zakia A M Ahmed
Professor, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
Cairo University, Egypt


Zakia A M Ahmed, professor doctor of animal ,poultry and environment hygiene, faculty of veterinary medicine , Cairo university, Giza ,Egypt (Full professor 1996 till date ). Degrees and professional qualifications (DVSC. 1980, MVS.1984 and Ph. D 1986). Field of expertise animal, poultry and fish farming health, management and diseases control .Managing and alleviation environment stress, pollution, contaminants (air, water, soil and farm bedding) and impact on animal & poultry immune responses and performance .I had been awarded a peace fellowship to USA, Virginia Polytech Institute and State University for avian medicine researches (Impact of different environment gaseous pollutants on bird immune response to E.Coli O157 and NDV). Awarded to KSA between 1996-2006 as full professor teaching and supervisors for post grads (Marine and territorial ecosystems, environment pollution and conservation) .Director of Unit of Ashing Carcasses and Environment Contaminants, Faculty of Vet. Med, Cairo University 2012-2014. Chairman Dept. of Veterinary Hygiene and Management, Faculty of Vet. Med.CU, 2013-2017.Reviewer in many local and international journals, organizations and associations. Participating many national , regional and local conferences , symposium and workshops in fields of veterinary medicine.

Research Interest

Environmental impact on poultry, aquaculture health and performance. Induction and evaluation of stresses (natural or experimentally induced) impact on bird immune responses, histopathological alteration of vital organs. Alleviation or mitigation of stress impact in poultry. Epidemiology in veterinary practice. Managing environmental pollution and microbial ecology in poultry and fish industry. Managing hygienic disposal of animal, poultry carcasses and farm wastes. Environmental pollution and animal , poultry and fish industry

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