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Yousef MI Awad

Yousef MI Awad

Yousef MI Awad
Faculty of Foreign Languages, Department of English Language & Literature
University of Jordan, Jordan


Dr. Yousef Awad is an associate professor at the University of Jordan. His first monograph, The Arab Atlantic: Resistance, Diaspora, and Trans-cultural Dialogue in the Works of Arab British and Arab American Women Writers, is based on his PhD thesis which he completed in 2011 at the University of Manchester. Since then, Dr. Awad published a number of articles that explore a range of themes in the works of Arab writers in diaspora such as cultural translation, identity and multiculturalism.

Research Interest

Arabic literature in English.
Diaspora, ethnicity, migration and identity studies.
Multiculturalism, cosmopolitanism and postcolonial theory.
Feminist and gender studies.
Adaptations and appropriations of Shakespeare

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