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    Short Communication Pages: 1 - 2

    Preparing for the Aftermath of the Coronavirus Crisis and the Impact on Social and Emotional Competence

    Rick Stalnaker

    In the field of psychology, there have been studies concerning how the social environment plays a causal factor in brain
    modification that can shape the capacity for learning. A traumatic life event impacts someone, an accident, or maltreatment; it causes
    variations in brain structure and function. Whether it is what other people deliberately do to someone of an unfortunate event, your brain
    gets mucked up.

    Review Article Pages: 1 - 4

    Laser vision correction (lasik) in the United States

    Stephen N. Joffe

    Laser Vision Correction (LVC) is an elective, self-pay and safe surgical procedure to correct myopia and hyperopia. Since FDA approval 25 years ago, there have been a progression of technological improvements leading to better outcomes and LVC is now one of the safest surgical procedures. A potential pool of 50 million patients, 6000 trained ophthalmic surgeons regularly treat in over 1000 centers. Treatments remain low from an earlier peak of 1.4 million to less than 800,000 over last 10 years. The factors preventing patients undergoing surgery have not changed and include the cost and fear of laser surgery. The latter is overcome by word of mouth referrals and positive social media messaging. Patients can be “in and out” in less than two hours with a rapid recovery, minimal postoperative restrictions and have 20/20 vision within 24 hours. Laser vision correction and especially LASIK, remains the treatment of choice for myopic and hyperopic patients wanting to remove their dependency on glasses and contact lenses.

    Short Communication Pages: 1 - 2

    The Climate Crisis-Bursting Bubbles

    Delphine Mascarene de Rayssac, Jedidah Vika Muli, Lawrence Wainaina

    A psychoanalytical approach to the climate crisis in terms of the individual psychological background as object relations determine the relationship to nature as holding female representations and group dynamics at work in the reaction or lack thereof. A further exploration into the ability to sustain frustration as a key element to personal and societal development allowing to shed primitive libidinal patterns whereas certain psychological structures are hindered from this ability. As a result, the dysfunctional narcissism feeds relationships of dominance and power completing a self destructive pattern where only adaptation and symbolization processes could counter the traumatic effects of sudden change to our modern lifestyles.

    Research Article Pages: 1 - 7

    A study on social well-being and effective factors in faculty members of payame noor university, Tehran

    Maryam Ghasemisarukolai, Hossein Kordi, Parvaneh Danesh

    This article provides a conceptual framework for observing social well-being among university faculty members. The study aimed to recognize how the dimensions of human health have an essential role in balancing the social life of faculty members, and its general coverage in society can promote social development. A further aim was to focus on how to affect the social well-being of faculty members has a positive influence on the optimal performance of social roles in the academic environment and also what are the factors affecting the level of social wellbeing benefits of faculty members that will lead to improving the performance of professors in the scientific environment. The extensive observation in this research was considered on an individual scale, and the sample was (N=200) people. The obtained results in this research show that the social well-being rate of men is higher than women. According to descriptive data, the average mark of social wellbeing for faculty staff has been 105.5, minimum 78, and a maximum of 128, which is considered proper and shows the social well-being of faculty members is high. However, there are some different items observed based on background properties. Implications of results will be discussed.

      Research Article Pages: 1 - 7

      Strategy of Pioneering the Way of Local Wisdom Dalihan Natolu Tourism ?Mangaraja Purehet? Sutan Humula Sontang Monument with SWOT Analysis

      Dodi Irwan Siregar

      This paper employs combination of SWOT analysis and analytic hierarchy process, in strategic planning for tourism of small simangambat village dalihan natolu Batak Culture, which is located in the north sumatera Indonesia. SWOT analysis identifies internal and external factors which are prioritized by expert in tourism domain by means of Analytic hierarchy process. The prioritized SWOT factors are used in strategies formulation using TOWS matrix. Results indicate that proactive communication strategy and isolation strategy with effective marketing promotional strategy were the best.

        Review Article Pages: 1 - 5

        A Significant Assessment on Indian Animation

        Ananda Karmakar*

        Indian animation is an influential facade in the modern world. Today where animation industry is developing continuously and becomes a beyond the imagination, the Indian animation is considered being navigator of the world animation, abundant passions and mandate creative exercises with the latest technical support which is recommended for achieving the position. The Indian animation industry is influencing not only the film industry and core animation field but also every single sector in the society. With this significance, Indian animation is being served in the world industry. Continuous journey through 2D, 3D animation and visual effects also including traditional animations have been encompassing the domain with unbeatable performance. However, the industry made own path through its constant effort where establishment might be very straggled full. This paper is a deep study on that gradual formation and development of Indian animation by providing valuable data and information.

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